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Miss Congeniality

Did you know that chics can be feminine AND tough all at the same time? Yep, that's right, its time to review Miss Congeniality, the film that asks the question, "Have you hugged a model today?"

Miss Congeniality stars Sandra Bullock as a tough as nails tomboy feminist FBI Agent forced to infiltrate a beauty pageant by becoming the one thing she hates most.... pretty. Problem is, she always looks good, even when they try to trash her up when she is in FBI mode, she is still HOT. So its hard to believe that her fellow cops could actually be surprised that she looks good in a dress.

This is a comedy, or at least it tries to be. It has its funny moments, but not enough of them strung together in sequence. Michael Cain is the real highlight of the film, but when isn't he?

The thought behind Congeniality is a good one, we follow a woman forced to challenge her perceptions of a certain class of people, (beautiful people) and watch as she comes to realize that beautiful women can be just as smart, witty, intelligent, and useful as everyone else. Problem is, Bullocks character never actually learns this lesson. Oh sure she makes friends with all the sweetie pie beauty contestants, but deep down, she still thinks they are a bunch of air heads who contribute little to society except to breathe air. Instead, she learns that sometimes it is ok for women to act like mindless helium balloons whose only purpose in existing is to attract men's attention. So instead of learning that pretty women are people to, she learns its ok to fill no valid role in society if you are a woman.

What happened to the feminists? First they cheer as the President womanizes and takes advantage of young interns and now not a single protest about Miss Congeniality's truly wacked out message. I'd be lying if I didn't say I liked this long silence from the feminist corner, but I can't help but be surprised at the things they let slip by these days.

If Congeniality was an ACTUAL comedy, we could dismiss this mixed message as simply a comedic element, but the truth is Congeniality plays more like a cross between a bad Scooby Doo parody and an old episode of Hill Street Blues.

The only question left in this Hobbit's mind is whether Sandra Bullock still has a career as an actress, or should instead begin seeking employment as part time circus clown.