Halloween's David Gordon Green Explains His Plans For Disneyland Movie

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Earlier this week it was revealed that the man behind the new batch of Halloween franchise movies was also in development on a movie for Disney+ that would tell the story of the creation of Disneyland. Now David Gordon Green has spoken a bit more about exactly what this movie will be about and for Disneyland fans, it sounds absolutely inspiring.

David Gordon Green spoke with Collider shortly after the Disneyland movie was revealed, and while the movie is still very much in the early stages, there is no script yet, Green explained that ultimately the story of his Disneyland movie would be the story of brotherhood and the collaboration between two guys named Disney. Green explained...

Yeah. I'm developing. It's about the brotherhood of Walt and Roy Disney and it's interesting because you see, and even I saw the headline yesterday, I was, wow, that does sound... I was thinking this cool artistic, collaborative brotherhood story. Then you look at it as it's written and think about the institution that is Disney around this. And you're, "No, that's a big story". But to me, it's how do these two guys engineer something that became Disneyland.

This sounds pretty cool. While Walt Disney is the one whose name, and myth, are most closely attached to the creation of Disneyland, his brother Roy O. Disney was just as instrumental in everything that Walt did, and it sounds like the plan will be for the movie to focus on the two brothers and their relationship and how it led to the happiest place on earth.

The relationship between Walt and Roy is certainly a topic worthy of a film. The pair spent most of their lives working together, and while Roy always believed in Walt’s vision, he was also a stellar businessman who managed the company’s finances and occasionally had to be the one who told Walt “no,” even when Walt rarely listened.

Who one casts to play the roles of these two absolutely iconic men is anybody’s guess. Walt was most prominently played by Tom Hanks in the film Saving Mr. Banks, and some have wondered if he might do so again, but when asked, Green seemed to shoot down the idea, saying...

I think that's been done. I think I haven't even gotten that far into to how you embody that character, but I love the story and I love the... I have so many valuable relationships from the people that I've worked with, the people that I've butted heads with, the people I've been inspired by.

A movie about the creation of Disneyland is already a story worth telling, but one that does it through Walt and Roy Disney is potentially a powerfully emotional story worth seeing. It’s going to be a while before we actually see this one, but like Disneyland itself, it should be worth the wait.

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