Could Disney+'s Ms. Marvel Series Right One Of Marvel's Previous TV Wrongs?

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Marvel Studios and Disney+’s Ms. Marvel series has yet to lock down a release date, though last year it was estimated that it would come mid-to-late summer. While fans have had to wait longer than expected, some new unconfirmed information indicates that the new series is only a few months away, and that it may even include a beloved superhero team member that could help right one of Marvel TV's previous wrongs. 

It was discovered on the popular app TV Time, which tracks episodes and viewing time for users, that Ms. Marvel reportedly has a premiere date of May 13, via CBR. Not only that, but each of the episode entries feature as-yet-unconfirmed titles, with the second installment named “Lockin’ Jaws.” It's not the wildest guess in the world to think that this episode might reference the four-legged Inhumans character Lockjaw. As part of the Inhumans, Lockjaw made his first space-jaunting appearance in Fantastic Four #45 in 1965, and he later served as a watchdog (so to speak) for Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel after she becomes an Inhuman in the comics.

Again, this quasi-leaked info hasn’t been confirmed to be true, and it could mean nothing beyond just being a coincidence involving Kamala's...own jaw locking up on her. Still, it is pretty interesting to consider, knowing how Marvel loves its references and easter eggs. Lockjaw appeared in the short-lived Inhumans television show on ABC in 2017. The series didn’t do too well with critics and Marvel fans, despite IMAX screenings and other large-scale promotional fare, and ended up lasting only a total of eight episodes. With the possibility of Lockjaw showing up on Ms. Marvel, could this be the comic giant making up for the umet expectations from the prior TV series?

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Inhumans wasn't technically set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, since it fell under the now-defunct Marvel TV umbrella, as opposed to Kevin Feige's Marvel Studios. It’s a definite possibility that if the leak is true, we could see the teleporting canine once again, and even using the same CGI, though it presumably wouldn't 100% represent the character who accompanied Anson Mount's Blue Bolt. But since Marvel has become more familiar with addressing other live-action elements outside of Marvel Studios, from Vincent D'Onofrio's brilliant reprisal of Wilson Fisk to Spider-Man: No Way Home's universe-mashing fun, this could be a fun way to give Lockjaw an adventure that isn't so heavy-handed. 

Plus, since Inhumans didn’t do too well when it was airing, this could be Marvel’s way of trying to set the stage for a new take on the characters. The series was initially going to be a movie before Marvel decided to make it a series instead, airing it at a time when Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was still keeping fans guessing. It seems like the studio could be looking for a way to simply erase the show and give the group a whole new life. 

However, it’s not confirmed that Lockjaw or any other Inhumans characters will appear in Ms. Marvel.  The episode titles could either be fake or the “Lockin’ Jaws” title could be a complete misnomer. There is still no confirmed release date for Ms. Marvel so as for now, one shouldn’t get their hopes up about anything particular. But it doesn't hurt to keep the hope at eye level, just in case it does turn out to be true.

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