4. Inspector Spacetime
And since we’re on Abed’s television obsessions and already discussed how he turned to the Doctor Who inspired Inspector Spacetime in a time of need and never looked back. Or forward. Who knows when with the Inspector and Constable Reggie. One of the funniest Troy and Abed tags, and there are many (maybe more on that later), shows the dynamic duo in action as their fictional counterparts taking on the evil blorgon. Before the reveal anyway. There was even a time when Annie was called on to play Deputy Constable Geneva. That didn’t last a long time. Or did it?

5. Glee
The Fox musical certainly isn’t Community’s only target, having set their sights on time-slot competitor The Big Bang Theory at least once, but there is a special kind of love-hate relationship going on with Glee. Mostly hate? There was that time they happily filled in for the glee club, even winning a trophy, but things weren’t quite so innocent in “Regional Holiday Music.” Britta, Annie, Shirley seem to say it all and Jeff really brings it home with this tearful confession. Still, some of the songs were quite catchy. It doesn’t hurt to have Childish Gambino on staff to save Christmas in song. Rap. “What the hell are regionals?

6. Changuage and Deanotation
When it comes to putting their names into speech, no one does it better than Chang (formerly Senor) or Dean Pelton. Over the course of three seasons the pair have dropped some gems, and by gems, horrible puns that still manage laughs, like ’Come On I’m Dean’, telling you to Tina Turner the clocks back or this whole pocket full of Changuage. And while this kind of uninspired humor might inspire some to tell them ‘you’re the worst,’ it can be put to good use in the form of holiday cheer as long as you recruit as few other catch-phrasers like My Name is Alex Starburns and Magnitude. Pop! Pop!

7. Long-Con and/or Callbacks
It’s hard to tell if moments are a running gag, a callback or just crazy foreshadowing and since there are so many on Community a short-list of favorites seemed like the only option. Some episodes were alluded to a few weeks early with Abed’s ‘Rowboat Cop’ memos or the ticker during GCTV Decision Gate while others took longer to payoff, like Pierce’s lyric about Air Conditioner Repair or the arrival of Bettlejuice. Troy suggesting Jeff take a Poetry Class and the former’s stuck in the vending machine fridge. Was Gwynnifer really code for Britta? Jeff's underwear parts 1 and 2. The fake film series Kickpuncher. Shirley’s friend Gary that the whole group hates. Not to mention everyone’s love of ”Daybreak” and butt stuff.

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