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NBC has picked up a new comedy project from Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s production company, Gary Sanchez Productions alongside actress Anne Heche. The comedy seems to be taking the whole Bad Teacher concept into other workplace possibilities, even sort-of copping the name. Bad Judge is about a female Criminal Court judge who isn’t such a good girl.

Heche, according to Deadline, initially brought the idea to Gary Sanchez Productions. The project follows a woman who sits on the judge’s bench for a living. Meanwhile, in her private life, she’s promiscuous (and not the least bit regretful about it), and lives life on the edge. This sounds less like a comedy and more like a Lifetime movie to me, but apparently Heche has managed to convince some big names in the comedy business it’s a good idea.

Bad Judge joins the trend towards female-focused comedy that seems to be overtaking much of the new TV development these days. Heche, in fact, already has a comedy on the way for NBC. Save Me, in which Heche stars as a woman whose near-death experience leaves her with an apparent gift for prophecy, is slated for a midseason premiere. It also joins, in my opinion, another recent trend in television towards unfortunate titles. Perhaps the networks really just are short on creativity.

Written by Chad Kultgen, who wrote the upcoming star-studded film The Incredible Burt Wonderstone ( featuring Steve Carrel, Jim Carrey and Alan Arkin), will be writing the script. Ferrell and McKay are executive producing along with Heche and Jill Messick. It’s a good team, so maybe the whole thing will turn out better than it sounds.

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