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Titanic: Blood and Steel briefly made an impression in the States on Encore, but if you missed it, you’ll get another chance to check out the miniseries. Blood and Steel is about the building of the grand ship, but even more, it is a series about the cultural landscape in Belfast at the time, and the people who were working hard to change their fates or maintain their privileges. Titanic: Blood and Steel hits Blu-ray and DVD on December 4, and to celebrate, you can catch this Blu-ray bonus clip with two of the show’s actors.

The clip takes a look at the miniseries from the perspectives of Chris Noth and Neve Campbell, who play JP Morgan and a journalist covering the building of the Titanic, respectively. Both actors seem to have a keen understanding of who their characters are as well as a decent historical background of the the great ship and those central to building her. It’s a pretty short clip, but it does give us an idea about what we will get with the bonus features on the disc. Hopefully, we will get to hear from some of the more central characters, as well.

The 12-episode miniseries will come with several extras, including a “Making of” segment—which is no doubt where the brief interviews with Noth and Campbell come in. Additionally, the visual effects with the set will be discussed, which should be a good extra, considering the set makes great use of visuals while the ship is being built. You can check out the cover art, below.

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