Every year, some major characters and fan favorites get killed off of our favorite shows, and every year we are surprised when some big names bite the dust on network and cable TV. This year was no different, although we believe the body count was unusually high. Here’s to a successful year filled with shocking deaths, tragic deaths, vengeful deaths, epic deaths and tear-inducing deaths. Here at CinemaBlend, we’ve compiled a list of 2014’s biggest TV deaths, and you can check them out below.

First, we would like to mention that there are plenty of spoilers in this list, so if you aren’t caught up on your favorite TV programs, we suggest you turn away right now. That being said, all of these deaths occurred in 2014 and most of them hit the schedule months ago, so if you are all caught up on the likes of Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, True Blood and many more, please proceed.

Johnny Crowder
15. Johnny Crowder, Justified
It’s hard not to feel like everyone on Justified has a horrible death coming to them sooner or later, but the feeling of doom and gloom was much more apparent surrounding Johnny Crowder, a career criminal with more ambition than balls and more anger than smarts. It’s no surprise that Cousin Johnny was killed off during the fifth season of the hit series, which aired last spring, but the double-crossing zinger of an episode ending with Boyd putting a bullet squarely into his former lieutenant’s temple was still jarring and insanely memorable.

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