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In a few months, it will be five years since Larry David last made everyone in every room uncomfortable as the pret-ty good lead in HBO's modern classic Curb Your Enthusiasm. Though conversations have flown over the years in which a ninth season for the comedy was rumored to be a possibility, David himself has always been in the "never say no, but probably not" camp. Until recently, it seems, according to the hilarious JB Smoove, who says he checks in with David all the time.

So I called Larry like two weeks ago and I said, 'Hey, Larry man.' I just talk about regular stuff with him. It's not always Curb stuff. But this time, aha! This time, he brings up Curb Your Enthusiasm...He starts out with his little 'Ehhh.' You know, he always does that. 'Ehhh. You know. I'm thinking about coming back.'

Now, this isn't a reason to drop everything to commission an artist to paint a picture of you shaking Larry David's hand while holding a copy of Season 9 on Blu-ray, since minds can change all the time. But it's definitely a good sign that David is at least talking to one other person about getting another season off the ground. It's proof things may one day be cheerier than Marty Funkhouser's marriage.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Sure, we don't know how many people have been in on this news - it's impossible not to assume Jeff Garlin has gotten a phone call - but it makes total sense that Larry David is chatting up JB Smoove about a possible Curb Your Enthusiasm return. The comedian became Larry's second banana on the show after joining it in Season 6 and is one of the biggest reasons why the later seasons stand up to the early ones, even as viewers became somewhat immune to the imploding plotlines. Leon brings the ruckus.

curb your enthusiasm

The conversation went a little further than just David saying he's weighing his options. He also put out feelers for whether or not Smoove would be down with returning. Here's what else the actor shared on The Rick Eisen Show.

He said, 'If I do come back, you're going to be available?' I said, 'You know something, Larry? I will be available. Just call me and give me early notice and I'll be here.' I'll move anything I'm doing to the side for Curb Your Enthusiasm, which would be a fabulous thing to do. Season 9 would be fabulous.

That's the understatement of the year, Mr. Smoove. The understatement indeed. Now all that needs to be done is contacting the huge ensemble of actors and making sure they'll all be back, too. Make it happen, HBO.

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