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Few shows on television are quite as captivating and suspenseful as AMC's apocalyptic drama The Walking Dead. The show uses suspense so successfully that it continues in the offseason, where fans are left to debate, speculate, and predict the happenings of the upcoming season. Season 6 ended on a massive cliffhanger, with one of the main cast being mysteriously killed, and the threat of Negan and his Saviors suddenly becoming very real. While the audience was left on a major cliffhanger, Rick and the denizens of Alexandria appear to be on a bigger precipice. After they're presumably let go by The Saviors the question is: what now?

Greg Nicotero, who serves as producer, makeup supervisor, and occasional director in The Walking Dead recently opened up to IGN regarding how Negan's victory will affect the characters we've come to know and love.

It propels our people. It affects our people profoundly, as it does in the comic book. That changes everyone's direction. The main thing about Season 7 is establishing that the world isn't what everybody thinks it is, the world out there. At the end of Season 6, Rick was so confident. 'We're just going to knock out that outpost, we're going to f--k these guys up before they f--k us up,' and it ends with him going, 'Heh, oh well, I had no idea. What I perceived as the world is not even close to what the reality of the world is,' and Negan's there to show him that.

This is certainly an exciting concept for The Walking Dead. Going into its seventh season, it's easy for dramas to become stale or saturated with time. Luckily for us, Season 7 will be exploring a whole new world.

Rick and his group were truly served a slice of humble pie during Season 6's finale episode "Last Day On Earth". Knowing how deadly his group of survivors have become, Rick was fairly confident that they could kill the Saviors, therefore securing Alexandria's alliance with The Hilltop. Unfortunately, Rick and company had only encountered various underlings of The Saviors, and hadn't met Negan in the flesh. Rick's group won a ton of skirmishes against The Saviors, but there were always more coming in future episodes.

Rick's bravado and naivety came to an explosive ending when his group of survivors was shown to be completely helpless against The Saviors. They seem to have hundreds of able bodies fighters, and the resources to create the elaborate game of cat and mouse that we saw in the finale. The world, as well as the villainous Saviors, is clearly bigger than Rick ever knew.

Greg Nicotero's comments also surely usher in the involvement of The Kingdom group fromThe Walking Dead comics. We were introduced to a few members when Morgan met them in the finale, begging for their help with a gravely wounded Carol. Casting rumors have swirled regarding new Kingdom characters, so it looks like we'll now have four separate groups of survivors inhabiting The Walking Dead.

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