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Would Person of Interest's Michael Emerson Return For Another Season? Here's What The Actor Says

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As millions of fans are fully aware, the tension-packed CBS drama Person of Interest will be powering down this week after its Season 5 finale, with no current plans for the show to continue its artificially intelligent narrative elsewhere. Having not seen the finale, it's hard for most of us to tell if the show will end in a manner that could even allow for a continuation or spinoff on another network, but star Michael Emerson sounds like he'd be willing to give it another go as Harold Finch, so long as a pretty specific change is made.

If they said to me, 'We want Person of Interest to keep going but we're only going to do 10 or 12 [episodes],' I'd say, 'Sign me up.' But I can't do 22 again. I think people always expect me to be broken up about things coming to an end, but we were so tired in December, I couldn't even have imagined coming back after the new year and shooting more.

At 61 years old, Michael Emerson isn't really at an age where people expect they'll be running around and facing (faux) death on a weekly basis, so it's absolutely understandable that he doesn't particularly want or need to return to Person of interest's universe for the 22-episode seasons that served as the format for the first four seasons. (That's part of David Duchovny's reasoning for doing more X-Files.) Broadcast networks remain tethered to this extended schedule even as cable networks have proven 10-13 episodes a season will generally deliver the optimal quality that rarely overextends its welcome. And Season 5 of Person of Interest proved that in full.

If Michael Emerson is saying that he'd be down for a shorter Season 6, though, does that count as a spoiler that "proves" he'll definitely be making it through the finale alive so that he's able to return for another year of this show? He told TVLine in their interview that he didn't even know who was left standing, and that he wouldn't until he watched the episode during its airing. (Something he prefers to do, as he enjoys seeing it all with the music and edits.) I mean, he might have just been talking out of his ass as an example of what he wants to do with his TV career in the future, but it's something to consider.

Recent Person of Interest episodes have taken some dark turns, with Root's death rising above all on that front, and there's no doubt that creator Jonathan Nolan is going to pull out all the stops in delivering what may well be our final hour with these characters and their creations. Especially if Team Machine doesn't win and Samaritan is left to rule.

Michael Emerson was also asked about reconnecting with his former Lost co-star Terry O'Quinn for another try at a series, since their last effort didn't take off. The actor sadly answered by saying that O'Quinn is busy with his Amazon series Patriot right now.. But also pointed out the series' limited 10-episode nature, so who knows if something might get worked out in the meantime?

Person of Interest will air its Season 5 finale, "return 0," on Tuesday, June 21, on CBS.

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