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the walking dead season 6 abraham

The Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead has been a target of opinions big and small since it aired in April thanks to its mega-cliffhanger, but viewers haven't been privy to everything that was filmed for the episode. And one day relatively soon, an extended version of the finale can be feasted upon by all, or at least those of us who head out to buy the Season 6 Blu-ray, as that will be the only place to find it. (Until it inevitably airs at some point after the Blu-rays have been on sale for a while.)

The home releases for Walking Dead Season 6 were announced some months back, but without any of the special features that fans could expect. Anchor Bay Home Entertainment has unleashed the entirety of the extras now, though, and the top of the list is taken by "Episode 616: Last Day on Earth - The Extended Version." In and of itself, that name doesn't do much to signify exactly what footage will be added for the episode's extension, but we have at least one guess.

The Blu-ray announcement also guarantees that audiences will get to see "the highly anticipated Alternate Negan Scene," which is seriously enough to get me giddy right now for completely immature reasons. It was revealed that two versions of Negan's introduction were filmed, so that they could put together something that more closely resembled how things went down in the comic book source material, at least as far as the villain's extremely foul mouth goes. Since AMC can't air it without some major bleeps, the Blu-ray was the ideal home for the alternate take.

But I'm not actually sure if Negan's scene will be included in the extended finale cut, or as part of the "Deleted Scenes" section of the features. If that's the case, then there has to be something else of mild-to-big importance getting added if the new edit is being pushed as a top-bill supplement. Maybe there was something involving the Kingdom or some other business with Morgan and Carol. Maybe it's just Enid singing TV theme songs in the closet. I might like that, actually.

Thankfully, F-bombs and cutting room floor liner aren't the only extras you can find on the Season 6 Blu-rays and DVDs. Other features include audio commentaries from cast and crew, a making-of doc and featurettes centered on Negan, the quarry, the characters who died, the most memorable walkers and quite a bit more. There's one called "Strength in Bonds" that I have no clue what it'll be about, though I bet it's not covering Sam and Jessie's hand-holding abilities.

Rarely is it a great thing to get more of something that you might not have been all that fond of to begin with, but I think this qualifies. The Walking Dead Season 6 Blu-ray and DVD sets will be released on Tuesday, August 23, which is also when you can find it on Digital HD. And, of course, you can find Season 7 making its way to AMC in October. Head to our Season 7 guide to see everything we know so far about it.

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