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There are a slew of interesting stories running around the interwebs related to The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus and his fans, and this weekend the actor revealed one of the weirdest ones. While getting interviewed on TBS' Conan, Reedus told the late night host that his character is so popular that there are professional impersonators out there playing the actor's Walking Dead character Daryl at parties and in other situations. Norman Reedus even says that one fan has taken that a step further and impersonates regular Norman Reedus during the week.

So, what exactly does that entail? Norman Reedus says that a friend of his was at a hotel and basically thought he had run into his pal Norman because the guy was wearing the same clothes and had the same exact look as The Walking Dead actor. Reedus' friend approached the dude at the bar, and The Walking Dead fan revealed that on the weekends, he makes money as a Daryl impersonator, but during the week he literally impersonates Norman Reedus. He even has a business card, and clearly takes the whole thing pretty seriously. It's a story so strange, you should probably hear it from the mouth of Norman Reedus himself.

The popular actor cracks a joke about the Walking Dead fan probably getting laid during the course of his duties. Luckily, he doesn't seem too deterred about the whole thing, but in a lot of ways it's pretty creepy. Norman Reedus' friend seems to nearly have mistook the random impersonator for his pal, at least before walking up to and conversing with him. As Conan O'Brien himself mentions, we really have no idea what that guy is getting up to while pretending to be Norman Reedus.

That gets creepy. What if he's writing checks in your name. Who knows what he's doing?

There are certainly a lot of strange ways to make money out there, and impersonators are actually pretty common in places like Hollywood and Las Vegas, where people will shell out five bucks or more to snap photos with individuals dressed like superheroes and other costumed characters. But going around dressed like Norman Reedus to random bars in the middle of the week is taking an impersonation to whole different level. Probably nothing bad will come of it for Reedus himself, but at least he knows that there is this guy--and probably others out there--who are making money off his Walking Dead fame. I wonder if the impersonator really takes the impression to the next level and is pretty good with the crossbow, too.

If you are less interested in Norman Reedus regaling us with tales of his life outside of The Walking Dead, Season 7 of the hit TV series will be returning this fall. In addition, new episodes of Conan air on weeknights at 11 p.m. ET, only on TBS.