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If you've ever wanted to feel like you're a part of The Walking Dead history, but didn't particularly feel motivated enough to start a worldwide epidemic that turned the majority of the planet's population into incoherent predators, then you might want to call up your realtor. Atlanta's VIrgent Realty has quite an interesting and fantastic-looking abode on the market, and it should be recognizable to anyone who watched Season 1 of The Walking Dead, since it is the former home of one Rick Grimes and his family. 10 bucks says Carl's room has all kinds of dumb shit on the walls.

817 Cherokee Avenue is the address, and while the asking price of $659,900 is probably going to be a tad exorbitant for anyone who isn't currently the star of a popular cable drama, but it's hard to look at the house and automatically think that potential buyers are being gouged here. I mean, not only does it have just about everything someone interested in an older home would seek out, but it's also the place where Rick was first able to take a seat and wonder what in the damned hell was happening to the outside world.

Think about it. He probably tried to take a bath in this very room.

walking dead rick

Don't you get any dirt on those mirrors, Rick, and don't get your beard hair all over. This house isn't yours anymore.

Here are a few details about the house to whet your homeowning appetite. The home was built in 1897 and comes out to 2,156 square feet, with part of the rooms utilizing a fairly open floor plan. But even when it isn't, the rooms are pretty giant and spacious anyway, with 11-foot ceilings. Perfect for a game of Spin the Bottle and Then Run Away From Zombies. The home has two fireplaces, a new chef's kitchen with a dry bar, and blah blah blah. The sweetest part of this house has to be all of the outdoor deck space, which is pretty massive and definitely big enough to run in fear after your son has just been shot accidentally.

walking dead rick carl

If you're interested in living in the place where Rick and Lori probably conceived Carl, then get in touch with Virgent Realty and put down an offer. Hold a cookie fund raiser if need be.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC for Season 7 this October, where we'll get to see some new characters, as well as the buildings that they call their homes. No promises that you'll be able to purchase any of them in the future, though.

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