The Walking Dead Cut As A Deadpool Trailer Is Gory And Hilarious

If there's one thing that modern audiences seem to eat up in their movies and TV shows, it's violence. The most popular shows on television, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, contain tons of gore, with main characters being killed off constantly. Unfortunately, both shows' heavy themes make it impossible to include other genres, including comedy. Until now.

A particularly talented Youtuber called AFK Anthony must have realized the complete lack of comedy in AMC's The Walking Dead, and decided to do something about it. Not wanting to shy away from the violence of the apocalyptic drama, AFK Anthony took inspiration from another piece which combines serious fight scenes with comedic narration: Deadpool.

Pretty awesome, right? This video brings new humor and perspective to The Walking Dead, and it's a welcome change compared to the brooding and dark nature of the drama.

Rather than a morose tale of survival, the Deadpool inspired Walking Dead trailer puts Rick Grimes and company on a journey of debauchery and good old fashioned zombie killing. Chock full of spoilers for the series, we see Rick take on the role of Wade Wilson, as he tears through hordes of his enemies. Through the hilarity, some of the most climactic moments from the show's 6 season run are reduced to footnotes, such as Rick's massacre of Gareth and his group of cannibalistic buddies. Considering how both horrifying and satisfying that scene was at first, it's hilarious to see it reduced to merely a second in a murderous montage.

Of course, what Rick Grimes' version of Deadpool is missing was a true mission. The Deadpool film was framed with Wade attempting to get his girlfriend, played by Gotham actress Morena Baccarin. I guess Lori was just too unlikeable to include in the trailer, which most Walking Dead fans would agree with. Sure, Michonne has a few moments where she's kissing everyone's favorite Sheriff Deputy, but the love storyline was fairly absent.

But there was the moment where Rick's bloody and cut up face from the end of Season 5 was compared to a testicle with teeth. So there's that. Check out the original Deadpool trailer below.

Pretty spot on.

While The Walking Dead will probably never use comedy much in the show's run, it was nice to see Rick Grimes combined with the Merc with a Mouth.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC sometime in October, and you can own Deadpool on Blu-Ray and DVD now.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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