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There are few shows on television which are as widely watched and discussed as AMC's apocalyptic drama The Walking Dead. But after six season of bites, fights, and gripes, you'd think we'd much pretty much seen all the world of zombies had to offer. But you'd be wrong. The Walking Dead is showing no signs of slowing down, so the folks behind the madness are going to have to explore new plots and styles in order to keep the show fresh.

The Walking Dead's own executive producer/ makeup supervisor/ director/ grand poobah Greg Nicotero recently sat down with the folks over at Entertainment Weekly, where he teased how Season 7 of everyone's favorite zombie show will be different than its predecessors.

The nice thing about this season is you will get a chance to see some of these inner workings of these different worlds and these communities and really get a chance to see how much they know about the rest of the world. I think that's a really good theme for season 7 which is, nobody really knows what the world has in store for them out there. So, the audience, just like these people, goes through these journeys.

Sign me up, I'm in. Season 7 certainly does look like it will explore new dynamics for the series, which might be just the way to keep the series fresh and exciting for long-time viewers.

Season 6 of The Walking Dead introduced a ton of new concepts. Perhaps the most important of these, which also happened to be the hard lesson Rick learned in the controversial season finale, was that the residents of Alexandria are just not alone anymore. The community had somehow survived without getting their hands dirty up until Rick arrived, but there are other thriving and sometimes insidious communities just outside their gates. We've already been introduced to both The Hilltop and The Saviors, with The Kingdom surely being introduced next season.

With four separate groups thriving in a relatively small area, there's tons of characters and dynamics to explore in Season 7 of The Walking Dead. Rather than simply focusing on Rick and his group, Greg Nicotero seems to hint that the other groups will be fleshed out in the upcoming season. This seems like a great way to expand upon the world of the show, while also giving us something we haven't seen quite yet.

Personally, I'm dying to get into the dynamics of The Saviors. We know there's tons of them, Negan is the leader, and they seem fairly ruthless, but we haven't really explored how their community works. Where do they live? What is the hierarchy of power? We know that Dwight wanted to kick rocks and abandon it at one point, with his face being burned presumably as a punishment. I'm sure The Walking Dead will do a capsule episode focusing solely on the Saviors, much to the chagrin of audiences who want to check in on how Maggie is feeling and which woodland creature Daryl is currently eating with his bare hands.

The Walking Dead returns to TV this fall on AMC.