Why Walking Dead Fans From All Over Are Flocking To Robert Kirkman's Hometown

I believe we are all familiar with the fact that The Walking Dead fans can be pretty overzealous at times. (Just spend a few seconds on Twitter during the 24 hours following every episode's airing.) But usually that overzealousness is achieved from one's own home and doesn't involve any major road trips. But that was before someone went and created one of the sweetest pieces of midwest art work ever in the form of a massive Walking Dead mural right in the middle of Cynthiana, Kentucky, birth place of the comic book creator Robert Kirkman. Suffice to say, this thing is getting some major attention.

No one would fault you for not having heard of Cynthania before, since it isn't exactly a megatropolis, but you can bet that it has gotten increasingly more recognizable as the years go by and The Walking Dead grows in popularity both on the page and on the small screen. And this giant mural, put together by the obviously talented Portuguese artist Sergio Odeith, is an extremely striking and distinct way to garner attention.

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Look at that magnificence! One assumes that there are a lot of people in the world that would love for Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln's lips to be that big, and while it's unclear if those are the people currently making their way to Cynthiana, there are definitely crowds heading to town to see the art. And it's not just people from the local outskirts.

According to Lex18, there are fans that have made the trip all the way from California to see the side of a building covered in walker-blasting heroes. And to take pictures of it, of course. Texas was another state mentioned to be the source for some of the visitors. I guess they didn't have enough to do in either of those states.

The mural isn't just a random piece of busywork, either. Sergio Odeith was commissioned to put the mural together. (It took 6 days to complete, knocking 70 cans of paint down in the process.) Cynthiana, which is also the place of former Walking Dead artist Tony Moore, will be hosting an official Walking Dead Day on August 6, and the mural will be the centerpiece of it. Obviously, unless the Circle K down the road has an even BIGGER mural on it.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC for Season 7 at some point for its ridiculously anticipated premiere this October. To find out everything we know about it, check out our Season 7 preview guide.

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