How Shemar Moore Feels About The Criminal Minds Drama

Criminal Minds actor Thomas Gibson was recently fired from the drama following an altercation with writer Virgil Williams in which Gibson allegedly kicked the writer. Soon after, we learned a former Criminal Minds guest star actually got busted for stealing a slew of money from former series lead Shemar Moore. Needless to say, it's been a weekend of upheaval for the Criminal Minds crew, and Shemar Moore just decided to speak out.

In a social media post he later deleted, Shemar Moore came out and made some bold claims about gossip being real and that karma bites will eventually bite the people on the butt who are not worthy. The post can still be viewed online, but here's what he had to say:

Lot of birdies chirping out there; the gossip is real. I hear it, I see it. I'm sure a lot of you do to. So I'll just say this: I believe in karma. Good things happen to good people. Honest people. Hard-working people. Humble people. People who believe in basic goodness people who believe in themselves, people who believe in others. Good things will happen to you. It's not always easy, but you gotta grind it out. You gotta believe in you. Treat people how you expect them to treat you. Celebrate yourself and celebrate your blessings --- as you should --- but just know that you're not better than anybody. We all have our own gifts, so unwrap them bad boys.

Shemar Moore may have deleted the original post, but he's not super specific here. In fact, he's being pretty careful while speaking out about the events that have happened over the past few days. It's not totally clear he's speaking about Thomas Gibson here, as it could have easily been related to the money stolen from his charity, but there is some evidence to support that he could be speaking about Thomas Gibson. A short time after the actor was fired from Criminal Minds, reports resurfaced about other problems the actor had caused in the past, including shoving another member of the creative team prior to the weekend's incident. In addition, Deadline has mentioned there is a report out there mentioning verbal problems between Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore.

There will actually be a lot of changes heading into the new season of Criminal Minds. Shemar Moore left toward the end of last season and is being replaced by CSI: Miami veteran Adam Rodriquez. Thomas Gibson is now fired from the series and, in unrelated news, Aisha Tyler has been promoted to a series regular. We'll have to wait and see if the new makeup of the team works when Criminal Minds returns to CBS for Season 12 on Wednesday, September 28 at 9 p.m. ET. For more fall dates, head here.

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