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We're just a few short months away from The Walking Dead's Season 7 premiere, and fans are eager to finally get back into the zombie apocalyptic world of the AMC drama. Since the season finale in April, fans have been heavily speculating and theorizing what might happen next season when Negan becomes a bonafide series regular and primary antagonist. And it's all going to start with the villain taking his barbed wire bat Lucille to the skull of one of our heroes. While that moment is the focus of much of the series' anticipation, there's going to be an entire season that will follow. And it looks like it's going to be a dark one.

The Walking Dead's Executive Producer/ makeup supervisor/ director Greg Nicotero recently opened up to Deadline about what to expect from Season 7. And it seems that our group of survivors is going to be in some deep shit for quite a while.

I think it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better for our group, and it's pretty intense. I mean, the show, we're sort of opening a new chapter. I mean, it's really, Rick is now, if you really think about his journey in the comic books, he shares the spotlight with Negan in the comic book. Negan now has some ownership over what the show is about. It's the anticipation and the excitement of new worlds that we're going to, like the Hilltop, like the Kingdom, like the Sanctuary where Negan lives. Everybody's putting so much of their heart and soul into it. You know, after directing the premiere episode, I was fucked up for two weeks, you know? I really felt like I dragged a lot of my dearest friends into these really deep, dark places shooting that episode, and it's been definitely an experience unlike anything that I've ever handled before.

Yeah, this doesn't look too good for the denizens of Alexandria. Or pretty much anyone besides Negan and The Saviors.

While we as fans have been focusing much of the summer debating who Negan killed during the Season 6 cliffhanger, we perhaps haven't been looking at the bigger picture. Sure, we're going to lose a main character- probably one that has been on the cast since Day 1, but that event is sure to rock the world of our survivors. The cast has been hinting at a fractured, angry, and heartbroken group moving forward. For the first time in the show's history, Rick and company aren't in control of their own lives. We saw in the trailer for Season 7 that Negan has made his way into Alexandria, ensuring that he takes half of what the community has indefinitely. And with all of Negan's mass of resources and soldiers, how can our group possibly hope to escape his clutches?

Personally, I'm excited for things to stay dark for a while on The Walking Dead. The show has never exactly been sunshine and rainbows, but the group has always held on to hope that they would win the day. But with no end to their torture in sight, we're surely going to be seeing different sides of our characters- Rick, in particular.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC on October 23rd, 2016.

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