A Ton Of Supernatural Actors Are Heading To Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Here's What We Know

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When Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders debuted last year, the door was obviously open for cast members from Criminal Minds proper to make appearances. But having executive producer Adam Glass behind the scenes apparently also means that there's a welcome mat out for the cast from Supernatural, where Glass was a writer and producer before joining the CBS spinoff. A total of at least four Supernatural actors will show up during Season 2 of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, and now we know what they'll be getting up to.

The biggest of the roles is going to actor Matt Cohen, who took over the role of Young John Winchester for a few episodes on Supernatural. He'll join Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders in a recurring capacity as the son of Gary Sinese's IRT chief Jack Garrett. Named Ryan, he'll apparently be trying to make his father proud by becoming the gold standard of an FBI agent. He'll show up in the season premiere.

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Matt Cohen, who was also recently on How to Get Away with Murder and is currently on General Hospital, was actually already on Criminal Minds not too long ago, as he showed up in a Season 10 episode as a character that presumably has nothing to do with Ryan Garrett. But that'll make for an interesting episode if they ever meet.

Then we have Osric Chau, perhaps known best for his recurring role on Supernatural as Prophet Kevin Tran. For Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Chau will possibly be causing some trouble as a mysterious someone creeping around Singapore. Named "Gui," which means "ghost," Chau will show up in Episode 3.

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Rob Benedict has one of the most important roles on Supernatural as God - or Chuck or Carver, depending on which one you prefer - while Richard Speight Jr. played the Trickster archangel Gabriel. For Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, the two will both show up in the fifth episode (wheeee!!!) as lifelong best buddies who are trying to trying to take their new clothing business to new heights with a trip to Bangladesh. I'm betting it doesn't go that well.

I think we all know what needs to happen now. Plans need to be made for Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles to make their way into the Criminal Minds universe for Season 3. (Or the end of Season 2 if it can happen.) And then Gary Sinise, Alana de la Garza and Tyler James Williams need to go help the Winchester boys undo some otherworldly damage. Somebody give me a call after that so I can share all my other master plans.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders will return to CBS for Season 2 in the midseason, so "early 2017" is all we can go with right now. To see when everything is coming before then, check out our fall TV schedule.

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