Criminal Minds Creator's New Show Is Finally Moving Forward, Get The Details

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Criminal Minds is currently one of the most-watched shows on TV, eleven years after it started its run on CBS, though creator Jeff Davis wasn't around for that whole time. He exited that drama and created MTV's Teen Wolf, which will wrap up next year with Season 6. By the power of diminishing returns, we can hopefully get at least three seasons out of his newest show now that it's finally moving forward, as TNT has ordered a pilot for the small screen remake of Let the Right One In.

Horror and thrillers have a strong footing in television these days, thanks to shows like The Walking Dead and Bates Motel (both of which also speak to the high number of adaptations these days), but Let the Right One In is a completely different beast. The internationally acclaimed novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist told a complicated story about friendship and bonding, of loneliness and bullying, and of life and death, as experienced through a pre-teen boy and a vampire girl who settles nearby with her creepy caretaker.

The pilot will draw from the novel, and will move the story to a small Vermont town, where a string of terrifying murders will bring in unwanted authorities. Jeff Davis wrote the script for Let the Right One In, and he'll serve as an executive producer along with Hammer Films' Simon Oakes (who produced the U.S. film version Let Me In) and Tomorrow Studios' Becky Clements. Carl Molinder, who produced both the exquisite original film and the remake, will be on board as well, according to Deadline.

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Movement on getting Let the Right One In to TV audiences has been a slow one, though perhaps not surprisingly, given its non-mainstream subject matter. Development started in the early months of 2015, and it was being set up at A&E at the time. Earlier this year, things shifted over to TNT, where a lot of moves have been made as far as varying up the original programming slate. I don't know that a gory tween love story is the perfect fit, but I'm perfectly willing to give it a shot. I mean, Jeff Davis did take a goofy 1980s movie about a basketball-playing werewolf and turned it into a fanbase-fueled cable drama.

Considering the casting process still has to happen - and it better be a careful one, considering how important it will be to nail the young leads - there's no telling when TNT will make a decision about the project's future. In the meantime, check out everything hitting the small screen later this year with our fall TV schedule.

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