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After teasing us by ending the most recent Bachelorette season without announcing a new Bachelor, ABC has finally delivered the goods. On tonight's Bachelor in Paradise after show, it was revealed that three-time contestant Nick Viall will be handing out roses on the next season of The Bachelor. The model and software salesman was a runner up to both Bachelorettes Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe, in Seasons 10 and 11 respectively, before landing on Bachelor in Paradise this season. He's hoping that the fourth time will be the charm as he continues to search for Ms. Right.

Calling Nick Viall a two-time Bachelorette runner up is the nicest way to put it. The poor guy got dumped on national television, twice, and each time it was in the Bachelorette finale, meaning that he must have had some real hopes of coming away with the girl right up until the bitter end. Kaitlyn even cut off his proposal to dump him, and I'll bet that most fans thought that was cruel instead of kind, seeing as how his last dumping led to Twitter exploding with calls for him to be the next Bachelor by way of the #NickForBachelor hashtag. I guess you guys felt sorry for him, huh?

Well, this will possibly be one time when having the pity of a nation did someone some good. Nick Viall will now have a chance to run the show by having a bevy of beautiful ladies vying for his heart during Season 21 of the hit dating show. When asked by After Paradise host Michelle Collins how he was going to prepare for his new gig, Viall admitted that he'd certainly had a lot of practice for the job. He also said that he was ready and excited for the opportunity, and admitted that he's looking forward to things "ending on a more positive note." I bet he is, poor guy.

Can you imagine how terribly embarrassing it would be if Nick Viall gets all the way through the next Bachelor season, finds someone he actually wants to stay with, and then that lady cuts off his proposal as well and dumps him on his own finale? I really, really hope that doesn't happen to him, but if it does...geez, the guy better swear off dating shows for the rest of his days on Earth, don't you think? There's nothing wrong with, say, online dating, Nick. At least only two people will know if you get turned down that way.

Well, for all you Bachelor in Paradise fans who are wondering what this means for his tropical relationship with Jen Saviano, Viall wouldn't give up any spoilers on After Paradise, but it's pretty obvious that that love story will not be lasting much longer. The only questions now are how and why that breakup happens. You can catch up with Bachelor in Paradise on Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC. The Bachelor will return early in 2017.

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