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The Simpsons may not always be the cultural touchstone that it used to be, but one thing it has never failed at doing is bringing in the best guest stars on TV, from the widest variety of backgrounds. There's no reason why that would stop happening in Season 28, and it was recently announced that for the upcoming episode that'll take shots at Donald Trump and Trump University, Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander will be putting his vocal talents on aural display.

For the episode in question, Mr. Burns will start up Burns University, an unveiled spoof of the for-profit Trump University, an "educational establishment" that has been at the center of constant lawsuits and claims of fraudulence. Jason Alexander will enter the episode as Bourbon Verlander - currently one of my favorite fictional names of 2016 - a graduate of Yale University (like Burns) that is also an inventor of money-grabbing colleges. He sounds like a nice guy, according to EW, but one that nevertheless has zero problem doing whatever semi-evil needs to be done.

According to Al Jean, the character's actions will bear a passing resemblance to the stellar sci-fi thriller Ex Machina. Bourbon's scheme to make sure he gets his money involves having built an android army that he sends out to take hold of all the government's student loans being granted. Where would they ever come up with such devious behavior?!?

jason alexander the grinder

While he may be best known for Seinfeld, Jason Alexander certainly hasn't relied on that beloved sitcom to guide his career. The actor has been all over screens big and small, as well as theater stages, in recent years, and that includes both live-action and animated roles. He was a recurring character on the sadly cancelled The Grinder and appeared in a memorable episode of Drunk History last year, along with a voice part in Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero. He also provided his voice for the direct-to-video feature Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz. He also reteamed with Larry David for the Broadway production of Fish in the Dark in 2015.

The Simpsons has been pretty great in the past couple of years at filling in the offseason with new bits of animation independent from episodes. Some of those have been centered on Donald Trump and his presidential campaign. This will be the biggest focus given to Trump and his past on this show, and we're guessing it will be a tad more safe for viewers than South Park's take on the Donald was.

It may not be the Summer of George, and the Fall of Jason doesn't sound so good, so I think the Autumn of Bourbon is the best way to handle this that works for everyone. The Simpsons will return to Fox for Season 28 on Sunday, September 25, at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see when all your other favorite shows will arrive, head to our fall TV schedule.