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Doctor Who May Bring A Familiar Face Back For The Christmas Special

Much like stuffing Christmas stockings with candy, or figuring out what ugly sweater to wear to the office holiday party, the Doctor Who Christmas Special is a time honored tradition. Since the show's revival in 2005, a yearly offering of The Doctor saving the world at Christmas has been upheld, with "The Husbands of River Song" being the most recent offering in the line. During the events of that special, a character by the name of Nardole was introduced, and shown to be a sort of companion to River herself. Apparently, despite his fate during the episode, Matt Lucas did such a bang up job that not only was he invited to be a full time player in Season 10, he's coming back for Christmas as well! At least, that's what the tweet below seems to say.

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While this news comes from the Twitter feed of a Doctor Who fan who just happened to wander onto the set of this year's still unnamed Christmas special, we have a feeling that this might be as legit as news can be without official confirmation. Again, considering Matt Lucas is coming back to us for a full season as Nardole, it would make a lot of sense to introduce him during the holiday special leading up to next year's broadcast of Season 10. And Nardole is a character that definitely needs some extra time to develop, as we last saw him sharing custody of a robot body with River Song's ex-husband, Ramone. That's not exactly a two sentence explanation, at least it isn't if you're doing it right.

Nardole is probably a perfect candidate for companion, as he's pretty soft spoken and can actually be quite helpful in a pinch. Of course, knowing The Doctor's tastes, the fact that he's a "perfect" companion is going to probably grate on his nerves over time. Which is another reason why it's a good idea for Doctor Who to return to a two companion format, as Pearl Mackie's Bill is also set to make her debut as a traveling partner for The Doctor in the near future. Her off-beat sensibilities will compliment Matt Lucas' goofy antics, as seen below in a clip from "The Husbands of River Song."

We only need wait until Christmas to see The Doctor and Nardole once more, as they'll be on this year's Doctor Who Christmas special, which will be aired on Christmas Night for both BBC and BBC America.

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