The Crazy Way American Horror Story Is Answering A Big Season 1 Mystery

american horror story constance murder house

Now that American Horror Story has put Season 6 into gear and unveiled its big mystery theme, we have a whole new season of weirdness to try to unravel. But let's not pretend like there aren't still a handful of loose threads still dangling from seasons past. One of the biggest questions left unanswered from Season 1's Murder House involves Jessica Lange's all-knowing neighbor Constance, and it will soon get its answer. Just not on the show, but inside a haunted house. Sort of.

You guys remember Constance, right? She had four kids, but only three of them were ever shown: Evan Peters' Tate, Jamie Brewer's Addie and Sam Kinsey's attic-dwelling Beauregard. The fourth child was never named or given much attention, but it's known that he must have been another of Constance's children with genetic defects, and that he was already dead when the show started. The details stop there for now, but soon, people will be able to actually "meet" him inside the American Horror Story haunted maze that's going up for Universal Studios' annual Halloween Horror Nights. Not exactly the most normal place for a reveal.

John Murdy, the Creative Director behind the Halloween event for Universal Studios Hollywood, told IGN that it was Ryan Murphy himself that had the idea to incorporate the unseen character into the show's first year as a haunted maze. Here's Murdy's brief description of what we can expect to see.

I thought that was a really cool idea. [The character] is really weird. It's typical Ryan Murphy! It's off-putting and disturbing!

I couldn't be more pleased to hear this, as - full unnecessary disclosure - I'll be attending the American Horror Story maze this year, so I'll get to witness whatever ghastliness Murphy conceived in person. I'm hoping for the perfect combination of Beau and the Infantata, and I'm also hoping no one minds if I throw up my entire skeleton upon seeing him.

american horror story beau

It makes a good amount of sense that now is when Ryan Murphy is putting this previously unrevealed information out there. I mean, part of it is because American Horror Story hasn't been a part of the Halloween Haunted Nights line-up in past years, but I'm referring more to how Season 1 got a big callback for Season 6, through the presence of the Lost Settlers of Roanoke (among other things). This season is supposed to bring all of the past years together in the dual presentation of its narrative. Here's hoping some of that alien shit from Asylum gets cleared up next.

With many, many more odd and creeptastic details yet to come, American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare airs Wednesday nights on FX. To see when all your other favorite shows will be back, presumably without any mazes involved, check out our fall premiere schedule.

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