True Blood's Sam Trammell Has A New TV Show, Get The Details

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It has only been a couple of seasons since True Blood ended. In that time, a lot of the actors involved with the show have moved on to new projects in both the movie and TV realms. One likable actor from True Blood is heading to network TV, in what is arguably an even bigger gig. Reports this week indicate that Sam Trammell, who played Sam Merlotte on True Blood, has joined freshman darling This is Us on NBC.

Sam Trammell has signed on to This is Us in a recurring role. We know he's set to play a character named Ben, the handsome head of a band that plays both jazz and blues music. How he will get involved with the main cast is currently not being announced, according to THR. This sort of fits in with the whole mystery the new family drama has really loved, so we're not surprised there are things that are secretive about the character.

We're going to get into some major This Is Us spoilers in this paragraph, so if you're behind, just go ahead and hop down to the next paragraph! If you've been keeping tabs on This is Us at all, the pilot was set up in a way that didn't share each of the individuals with the same birthdays were actually siblings until the very end. Episode 2 left us on a different cliffhanger, with a scene featuring the kids parents showing up with a new partner, instead of their dad, who has been played by Milo Ventimiglia. Ben's inclusion has that same aura of mystery, as well.

Sam Trammell has been busy with movie gigs ever since True Blood ended. He's taken roles in Me, Cocked, I Am Wrath and Imperium. Recently, he also took a guest stint on Starz's basketball comedy Survivor's Remorse. However, a recurring role is definitely a little more exciting, and a little more lasting. Plus it helps that the role is one one of the biggest new series of the 2016-2017 season. I don't know how much audience crossover there is between True Blood and This is Us fans, but I certainly watched both.

The Sam Trammell news comes just a month after we learned True Blood's Stephen Moyer had landed a gig on the ITV series Safe House. Anna Paquin also recently signed on for the TV adaptation of the novel Alias Grace, and other actors from the show have found new gigs. While it could be a while before all the True Blood actors return to TV, there is a musical in the works. In addition, you can find out what TV shows are premiering in the coming weeks with our fall TV premiere schedule.

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