Watch The Simpsons Hilariously Take On Making A Murderer

Few cultural institutions have managed to keep their fingers on the pulse of modern pop culture quite like The Simpsons. For 28 seasons, Matt Groening's classic FOX cartoon has pulled apart and examined pretty much every film and TV show in the book. Now it seems that The Simpsons has set its sights on Netflix's Making A Murderer, with a pitch perfect spoof of the show's opening credits. Check out the hilarious clip below to see for yourself:

Based on this clip, it seems that Itchy will finally have to pay for his crimes after years of murdering Scratchy with impunity on a regular basis. The segment mirrors the opening sequence of Netflix's hit documentary series, Making A Murderer, complete with ominous theme song, and a dramatic recreation of Itchy's family photos. Following the parody of the Making A Murderer credits sequence, the clip cuts to a typical Itchy & Scratchy segment, in which the terminally gullible cat gets butchered by the mouse at a meat stand. As you can probably imagine, Bart and Lisa Simpson can't get enough of the carnage from the safety of their couch.

Itchy is going to need nothing short of a miracle to get himself out of this particular jam. Let's hope that he can get lawyer/Making A Murderer sensation Dean Strang on the phone at some point.

Making A Murderer

Absolutely no fan of The Simpsons should be surprised by this particular segment. For years the FOX cartoon has slowly but surely carved out a niche as one of the most biting sources of satire and parody currently available on television. From classic movies, to recent TV sensations, the writers and animators at The Simpsons have proven time and time again that they have no problem dissecting pop culture, and filtering it through the lens of the long-running cartoon. With brand new forms of entertainment being introduced every day, we have a distinct feeling that The Simpsons has no intention of slowing down any time soon.

Having said that, it's actually fairly impressive that The Simpsons managed to get a Making A Murderer parody out for audiences this quickly -- even if it's a brief segment. It's a well-established fact that episodes of The Simpsons can easily take longer than a year to produce, and Making A Murderer only became a worldwide phenomenon last December. That's a fairly quick turnaround, even by The Simpsons' standards.

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