A Connecticut Mayor Live Tweeted The Walking Dead Premiere, Should Really Be Doing Comedy

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Around 17 million viewers tuned in for The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere on Sunday night. Some of these people even took to social media to share hilarious reactions to the things that were happening on AMC around 9 p.m. ET. One of those individuals was none other than the Mayor of Danbury, Connecticut, Mark Boughton, who live tweeted the episode. The tweets are pretty funny, and we've got an inkling Boughton would have a fallback career if this whole politician thing doesn't work out.

Favorite tweets of the night include the one where the mayor cancelled Halloween due to the townspeople of Danbury need time to grieve. In a separate tweet, he also declared 90 days of mourning. This guy is on a roll.

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If you think he's a man who stops at cancelling events, think again. Also during the episode, Mayor Mark Boughton spent a considerable amount of time trying to make a hashtag happen. While making a hashtag happen can be rather difficult, what's hilarious is the hashtag itself, a hashtag that the mayor used over and over again. We'd just tell you, but you have to see it for yourself.

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He also shouted a bit about the characters and their lack of personal grooming/ fashion sense, although I think we can all get behind his sentiments regarding Carl's hat.

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There's always the chance that the mayor had some intern shooting out these tweets, but we'd like to think he's still out in the universe, saying wild things about one of the most popular shows on television. We also hope all the kids tweeting him about cancelling school were able to spot some zombies on the way to school in Connecticut. Remember, if you want to give Mayor Mark Boughton some due, all you have to do is tweet out some wacky Walking Dead stuff with the #glennseye. Because seriously, that scene was completely messed up.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET, only on AMC. To find out what else we know about the upcoming episodes, check out our Season 7 guide.

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