How Negan Will Change Maggie On The Walking Dead, According To Lauren Cohen

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Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead. If you're not caught up, run like walkers are behind you.

It's been two weeks since The Walking Dead's Season 7 premiere, and fans of the popular AMC drama are still reeling from the shock of the episode. In one of the most grueling episodes in the show's long tenure, we saw two main characters brutally bludgeoned to death by Negan- one of which was an original cast member. Everyone's favorite pizza delivery boy Glenn was tragically killed, leaving his wife Maggie widowed and expecting. Maggie's fire in the wake of this tragedy and readiness to fight Negan made for one of the best scenes in the premiere, and now Lauren Cohen has opened up regarding where the sole Greene family member will go in Season 7:

Negan gives Maggie vengeance, and I don't think that she's a vengeful person, but it's going to be a really interesting push and pull this season. You'll see how she lives on in honor of Glenn and in vengeance of Negan, and it's a real war in her brain, and in protection of the baby. I really liked the fact that Glenn says, 'I'll find you,' because she takes him with her. It's difficult to even encapsulate the grief like that.

This is why The Walking Dead is so great at killing off characters. These moments of horror are purposeful; they move other characters' stories forward.

Lauren Cohen's statement, which comes to us via EW, speaks to an exciting Maggie-centric Season 7. At this point in The Walking Dead, Maggie has lost all of her family. Hershel and Beth were both taken in similarly gut-wrenching moments of the series, and now she's lost Glenn has well. But Maggie is carrying she and Glenn's unborn child, the growth of which seems to run parallel with her growing strength and resolve against Negan. We saw a hint of this ambition and cunning with her Season 6 scenes with the Hilltop's leader Gregory, and now she has even more reason to come into her own as a leader. Once she gets the medical attention she needs at The Hilltop, it sounds like Maggie is going to be hell on wheels.

It should be interesting to see how the rest of our group are handling their respective grief. I'm especially interested to see how Sasha and Rosita handle the loss of Abraham, as well as their complicated feelings toward each other. The two seemed to make peace in the wake of Abraham's death (another fantastic scene that was toward the end of the premiere), but they've never had much of a dialogue on the series. I'm eager to see how they actually feel about one another now- hopefully giving Rosita a more active role on the show as a whole.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.

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