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Unless you've been living in outer space for the last year and have just touched down to Earth to enter the loving embrace of your family and friends, then you probably know this is an election year. The 2016 Presidential Election has been one of the most memorable in history, to say the least, and whether it's for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or some other person, it's important to get out and vote. HBO agrees, and they've put together a little PSA with Julia Louis-Dreyfus to encourage some voting. Enjoy.

Shared via Julia-Louis-Dreyfus' Twitter account, the video sees the comedy actress assume her role as Selina Myer on Veep to get people to head to their local voting booths on Tuesday. Being a former president who recently lost an election, Myer knows a thing or two about needing high voter turnout. She's joined by her loyal bagman Gary (Tony Hale) to remind her that millennials, the elderly, and cold weather haters all didn't turn out to vote for her.

So, the two reasons I lost: weather, which I can't control; and millennial apathy, which you can. When you don't vote, you're giving your power to someone else. Someone probably less informed and more motivated. So please vote, this matters.

When Gary asks if this means she's running for president again, Selina quickly shuts him down with a no. "Then why do we care?" he asks. "Because of everything I just said," she snaps.

Sound advice from someone who is usually not so sound in her opinion of things.

Fans of Veep will know that Season 5 of the hit HBO political satire ended with Selina Myer losing the presidency to another woman. With her short time in office over, Selina faces the unknown and must decide what to do with her post-presidency life. The only certainty is that Gary will be sticking by her side for better or worse while the rest of her staff faces their own challenges. It's unknown what direction the satire will move in or how it will bring all its characters back together again.

While the presidential election has provided a wealth of material for late night, the people behind Veep will probably be happier once it's all over. Lately, the show feels more like a documentary than a satire, and the producers have said they've even had to cut some jokes because of the election. At least with the election over Veep can go back to doing what it does best, while knowing that any upcoming bits won't be spoiled by real life.

Veep will return for Season 6 at some point in 2017 but stick with CinemaBlend for any and all future updates. In the meantime, check out our 2017 midseason premiere schedule to learn when more shows are returning.

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