Walking Dead: Is Another Comic Love Story Happening? Here’s What The Cast Says

Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead comics and TV series.

The new season of The Walking Dead has been a grueling one. After waiting six months to find out who Negan bludgeoned in the Season 6 finale, we got the answer in an awful way. In addition to losing both Glenn and Abraham in a horrifying fashion, Daryl was kidnapped by The Saviors and our group is officially screwed. Season 7 is sure to be a game changer for AMC's apocalyptic drama, with supporting characters like Rosita and Abraham getting more important roles after the loss of Abraham and Glenn. This has led man fans to wonder if a certain romantic plot line from the comics would be making the transition to the small screen.

In the Walking Dead comics, an unexpected romance happened between Rosita and Eugene. Yes you read that right, the mullet got the girl. Christian Serratos, who plays Rosita on the series, recently opened up (via Comic Book) about this plot line- and if we'll see it on the show.

I think that would be really interesting. I also think it would be interesting if that didn't happen. Scott Gimple has a really amazing way of keeping very true to the comic while also keeping it very interesting, meaning he doesn't necessarily put everything that happens in the comic book in the show. There's definitely a spin on the show, and I think that's what's really interesting and what keeps people fascinated. They really don't know what's coming next, even when they think they do.

Well that was a delightfully vague answer. But let's entertain both possibilities.

As of now, Eugene seems far from being any sort of romantic partner for Rosita. While he learned to tie his mullet into a ponytail and has been biting some Savior crotches, he's still the weirdo that we know and love. Rosita spent most of last season picking on Eugene for his inability in combat and survival, with the two sharing absolutely no chemistry. Additionally, she's currently involved in a sexual relationship with Spencer Monroe, who is noticeably lacking a mullet. She wasn't exactly nice to Spencer, so perhaps that's just how she shows affection.

the walking dead rosita

Then again, grief does funny thing to people. Eugene and Rosita narrowly avoided death at the hands of Negan and his Saviors when the group was caught. They, along with Sasha, were seen mourning Abraham over his body during the premiere. The trio had been traveling with each other since early on in the apocalypse, and now Rosita and Eugene only have themselves to lean on. And with Eugene taking a more active role in Alexandria, as well as being the provider of the bullets they're presumably planning on giving to The Saviors, his new confidence might be what it takes to melt Rosita's currently icy heart.

We'll just have to watch and see where the chips fall. The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.

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