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Season 7 of The Walking Dead has been a pretty unpredictable one. Following the absolutely brutal premiere which saw two main characters violently killed, we've had no way to predict what would be next. Part of this is the mere scope of the season, as The Walking Dead has gone back to their old MO. With four different settings, Season 7 has been full of capsule episodes which focus on just a few characters at a time. Because of this, fans have been left to question every nuanced moment of the episodes, leading to some interesting fan theories.

Perhaps the most popular theory of the season comes from two episodes ago. When Negan shows up to Alexandria with Daryl in tow, Rick and Daryl make eye contact and seem to silently communicate. Daryl blinks his eyes a bunch of times, leading many to wonder if he was actually communicating to Rick in morse code, revealing where The Saviors were hiding. While producer Scott Gimple has stated this wasn't purposeful by the show, he admits that the actors involved could have added it for each other's amusement. He said:

Andy [Lincoln] and Norman [Reedus] are really close. I think the theory actually could be correct, but not within the story. Meaning, I don't put it past those two gentlemen, who are now so unbelievably close, that maybe Andy and Norman were communicating with each other, like they were saying, 'Oh, that was a good take. I really like what you did there. You're really bringing it.'

In a recent interview with Yahoo, Scott Gimple revealed that Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus may have been using morse code to communicate with each other. And although that might be a bit far fetched, it's clear that Daryl and Rick from The Walking Dead weren't using morse code to speak with each other on the DL.

The theory that Daryl and Rick were secretly communicating actually got a bit of encouragement in the most recent episode of The Walking Dead. Last week's episode was focused on Maggie and Sasha at The Hilltop. One of the final moments saw Sasha ask Jesus to find out where The Saviors' base is. This mystery is exactly what the folks at Alexandria are wondering, and the theory states that Daryl was communicating in morse code in order to tell Rick which direction to go. If you drank the theory kool-aid, this would mean that two different groups are trying to get Negan's location so they could all fight back against The Saviors.

Of course, Scott Gimple has totally disavowed the morse code theory, so we should probably just move on. But come on, that would be an awesome twist.

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