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Spoilers below for those who want to remain out of the know about this weekend's episode of The Walking Dead.

Two weeks ago, The Walking Dead left audiences curious about the upcoming road trip shared between the hidden-from-Saviors pair of Jesus and Carl. They are heading to The Sanctuary, home of Negan the Noggin-Knocker, and the show is heading to a situation that comic fans are quite familiar with. And if AMC's own social media activity is to be believed, we're going to get one extremely gnarly moment from the source material that could lead to one of Negan's best scenes yet. Here's the tease.

#TWD is new THIS Sunday at 9|8c.

A photo posted by The Walking Dead (@amcthewalkingdead) on

I legitimately couldn't love that more. In case you're not catching on just yet, note the lack of a hole in the "R" and the lack of an eyepatch on Carl's head. Also, the word "uncovered" is a good informative point of focus. For those who still aren't there, we're going to see the inside of Carl's head wound on "Sing Me a Song," which hearkens back to Carl and Negan's first big encounter in the comic books, the one that really put Carl on the road to being a lil' badass.

Unless this moment will somehow got majorly altered in the page-to-screen adaptation, we will likely see a fairly lengthy conversation and bonding moment between Negan and Carl when the younger Grimes makes his presence known inside The Sanctuary. I can't speak for how the other parts of that wild and mildly hilarious sequence will get brought to live-action, but Carl revealing his canyon of an eye socket is part of what softens Negan's attitude towards the vengeful teen. There's no guaranteeing things will play out the same way, but here's a taste of Negan's comic reaction, which is a definitely face that we haven't see Jeffrey Dean Morgan make yet.

negan carl comic

AMC's post above is quite an interesting and clever way to tease Carl's wound, especially on an Instagram account that usually just has shots of the cast behind the scenes and extremely gross walker makeup. Plus, it creates an interesting parallel to what happened before the midseason premiere in which Carl was first shot in the face, when a Russian site advertised the episode with an image of the hole in Carl's head. Coincidence or conspiracy?

There has been some worry that Chandler Riggs might be leaving the show after Season 7 - more on that here - though Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been clear about how long he'll be around. But there shouldn't be any worry about anything deadly happening between Negan and Carl in the near future, EYE guarantee. (Solid.)

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC, with two episodes left before the winter hiatus. Check out our fall TV schedule and midseason premiere schedule to see what you can look forward to watching while waiting for more of Negan's nerve-grinding actions.

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