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Amazon had some bad news recently for the cast and crew of new show Good Girls Revolt, as the period drama was cancelled a little over a month after its first season hit the web on October 28. No revealing data has been released to the public, so it's hard to guess just why Amazon decided not to invest in a second season. According to Good Girls Revolt creator Dana Calvo, however, Amazon Studios mishandled the entire situation, and she had this to say about the studio in the wake of her show's cancellation:

What we hadn't factored in is that [Amazon Studios head] Roy Price just doesn't care for the show. He's representative of the Amazon culture in that he's just impenetrable. All I know is that in the [Season 2] pitch, he asked us to refer to the characters by the actors' names because he didn't know the characters' names.

Well, I hope Dana Calvo wasn't aiming to ever work with Amazon ever again (under Price's reign), because she may have just burned that bridge beyond repair. Her scathing rebuke of Roy Price's treatment of Good Girls Revolt is, at the very least, proof that Calvo didn't see the cancellation coming. The feminist drama wasn't exactly creating the same widespread buzz on the streaming circuit as a Stranger Things or a Transparent, but it was definitely the only show of its kind today, and streaming ratings company Symphony Advanced Media claims it was a big winner in key female demographics. The cancellation must have come as a huge disappointment for the team at Good Girls Revolt, especially if they were already laying plans for Season 2.

Dana Calvo also claimed in her chat with THR that Good Girls Revolt was a hit in two viewer categories that Amazon values: viewers giving the show high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and viewers who do shopping after or while they're doing their streaming. But on the flip side, Amazon Studios' head of comedy and drama Joe Lewis denied Symphony Advanced Media's claims and has stated that the show wasn't performing well enough in overall viewership or completion rates to warrant a renewal for Season 2.

We may never find out for sure who is right in this case of she said/he said. Amazon doesn't release data about its streaming series as a general rule, and numbers from outside sources can never be 100% verified. That said, if production company Sony Pictures Television gets its way, the Amazon cancellation might not actually matter all that much. Rather than write off the show as a failure, Sony is currently shopping Good Girls around to other platforms to see if it can score a renewal somewhere other than Amazon. The prime targets as of now are Freeform, USA Network, Bravo, Hulu, and ABC. Netflix and Lifetime are also possibilities, but they're considered long-shots compared to the other outlets.

The unofficial renewal deadline is December 31st, after which the cast members' contracts will expire and pretty much put an end to any plans to bring everybody back for another go at Good Girls Revolt. While we wait to hear more, stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in TV news, and check out our midseason 2017 premiere schedule.

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