What The Agent Carter Creators Are Doing Next

tara butters and michele fazekas

Agent Carter may not have earned a coveted third season on ABC, but the creators aren't sitting idly after the show's cancellation. In fact Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters already have a brand new TV series in the works, and it's also being setup at ABC. The new project, called The Gospel of Kevin, just recently earned a pilot order from the Disney-owned network.

Like Agent Carter, The Gospel of Kevin would be an hour-long program. Unlike Agent Carter, The Gospel of Kevin would not be a Marvel property--although it is about saving the world. The project is set to follow a character named Kevin who will somehow encounter God and be given a task. That task is none other than saving the world, which is an interesting task considering that Kevin won't be a particularly successful person.

Of course, a pilot order doesn't necessarily indicate The Gospel of Kevin will make it all the way to series. The major networks produce a slew of different pilots around this time of year, and some of them will most definitely not be airing on ABC next fall. Still, a pilot order is somewhat reassuring--it's a step closer than simply a script order, and it means The Gospel of Kevin is ahead of some projects that never even make it to pilot.

Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas were both big champions of Agent Carter while the show was on the air--and not just because it was a Marvel project about a kick-ass woman. They always genuinely seemed to love working in TV, and Variety says they'll be writing and executive producing the latest project. We'll let you know once casting, etc. commences on the drama.

As for a potential future for Agent Carter, Hayley Atwell has still been championing the idea that her character could make another appearance on TV in the form of a special or something of that ilk. The second season of Agent Carter was far lower rated than the first, but a one-off special episode could drum up enough interest to bring in ratings that ABC could be proud of; however, the budget and timing would have to be right. Still, as Butters and Fazekas look to be sticking with ABC and Conviction looks as if it won't get a second season in the fall of 2017, perhaps we'll be in for a comeback at some point, although clearly this is just a hope at this point.

We'll let you know if The Gospel of Kevin moves forward. In the meantime, you can take a look at what the networks have coming up with our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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