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After a long few months on hiatus, AMC's The Walking Dead will return a week from Sunday. After seeing the group spread across give separate communities, they once again reunited, and decided to finally fight back against Negan and The Saviors. But since the majority of Season 7 hasn't exactly been the show we know and love. Luckily for us, the cast and crew had teased a fantastic back half of the season. Now a new trailer has been released, which is pure insanity. Check it out below.

Holy crap, that's a lot of action. Let's break down exactly what we've been shown in the new teaser for The Walking Dead's back half.

To start, it's clear that the group is going to need to find a way to arm themselves. After The Saviors took all of Alexandria's guns and ammo, our group of survivors was left fairly defenseless against threats both human and dead. But the clips in the above trailer show the characters armed and ready to kick some ass. We can see what appears to be Rosita putting together a sniper rifle, Daryl reunited with a new and improved crossbow, Michonne with a silenced pistol, and Carol with a rifle. So while we haven't seen much gun violence in recent episodes, that's about to change when The Walking Dead returns.

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We were also given a glimpse into Eugene's life within The Sanctuary. In addition to producing bullets for The Saviors, it also appears that he'll have some time with Negan's wives. He's playing some sort of game that involves helium balloons and a fire poker, and the ladies seem utterly delighted. Considering how few smiles are present within the walls of The Sanctuary, this is quite the change. Perhaps Cherry and the other ladies will form some sort of relationship with the mullet, helping rise up against Negan.

Then there's the crazy armored walker. We've already seen the ins and outs of each community, so perhaps the armored walker is located at a new location. And the synopsis for the midseason premiere indicates the introduction of a new community, so it would stand to reason. Some of the smartest strategic choices made in the new world relates to utilizing the power of the Walkers. Perhaps Rick and company will be able to do this in the coming episodes.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC on February 12th.

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