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Alec Baldwin seemed to have reach his TV apex back in his years on 30 Rock, but the actor is currently as popular as ever, due in large part to his frequent appearances on an enlivened Saturday Night Live as current POTUS Donald Trump. The ante was most certainly upped whenever Melissa McCarthy was added to the fun as Sean Spicer, and now another Baldwin has made a suggestion that we think could only add to SNL's craziness. Here's who Billy Baldwin said he could portray.

I'll play Eric Trump. I've got the slicked-back hair. I'm a little old for that, but yeah. Because I just have to sit there and go...'Duh.'

Boom! It would be pretty bizarre to see one of Hollywood's most famous families portraying Washington D.C.'s current most famous family, perhaps even more bizarre than seeing Melissa McCarthy hollering with a receding hairline. Because of, you know, the whole brothers acting as a father and son thing, which would almost certainly make for some ripe and ribald material itself. Now, should Stephen Baldwin play Melania or Ivanka? Everybody put on your best thinking face.

billy baldwin eric trump

During his Access Hollywood interview, in which he made the above face, Billy Baldwin did point out just after that comment that he was joking, as it wasn't his intention to bring any controversy to the show. He's happy that his brother is having success on Saturday Night Live and had some good stories about him hosting the show, but Billy doesn't seem all that eager to step into any kind of politics-centered spectrum like that.

Billy Baldwin did, however, play something of a key role in Alec Baldwin's choice to take on the portrayal of Donald Trump. A year or so before Tina Fey talked to Lorne Michaels about turning the impression into reality, the Baldwin brothers apparently had a text message conversation where Billy advised Alec to get in contact with Michaels himself to beg him to take on the Trump persona for Saturday Night Live. And it sounds like that chain of texts made its way to Michaels' and Fey's eyeballs. Some choices just make sense to everyone.

Maybe we can get Billy Baldwin on the Weekend Update spinoff that's reportedly in the works. Either way, tune into Saturday Night Live on NBC this weekend to see Alec Baldwin making his 17th appearance as a guest host for the sketch comedy. Check out our midseason premiere schedule to see what else is heading to the small screen in the near future, and head to the next page to see the full clip from Baldwin's Access Hollywood interview.

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