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While election years are usually some of the best seasons of Saturday Night Live, the sketch comedy series hasn't really slowed down since November 8th. Instead, SNL has only continued to produce a ton of politics- related sketches, while also delighting the audience with some surprise appearances. Last week saw the debut of Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer impression, which also took the cold open last night. But McCarthy wasn't the only surprise guest present during Alec Baldwin's latest outing as host. Because SNL and 30 Rock actor Tracy Morgan shocked the live studio audience by showing up to play one of Beyonce's unborn twins. Yes, you read that right.

Tracy Morgan and SNL regular Kenan Thomspon played Beyonce's twins, while Queen Bey was getting a sonogram. Check out the ridiculous and hilarious sketch below.

The above sketch hilariously addresses Beyonce's recent pregnancy announcement, which essentially broke the internet when she began sharing her already iconic announcement photos. And seeing how America lost their crap over the singer's pregnancy, it was up to Saturday Night Live to poke fun at all the fans and shippers out there who were blowing up the Twittersphere with their responses.

The video opens with SNL regular Sasheer Zamata playing Beyonce as she goes to the hospital for a sonogram. Her doctor, played by a shockingly underused Alec Baldwin, begins the test, and we are then shown the utterly ridiculous Kenan Thompson and Tracy Morgan. The two are dressed as babies, complete with two umbilical cords. While the babies aren't born, they already know how legendary their mother is. I mean, just look at her plush uterus- those sofas look delightful. There's even a recording studio in that bad boy!

And considering their glorious accommodations, Tracy Morgan seems to feel that he and his twin aren't like other babies. And it's true, because they have the blood of Queen B running through their veins, presumably making them better and richer than any of us plebeians. And while Morgan is more of a Beyonce, Kenan Thompson feels like more of a rapper like his father. But both of these babies came to slay and throw shade.

Overall, this sketch was one of my favorites from last night's episode of Saturday Night Live. Considering how politically-charged most of the episode was, it was nice to enjoy some lighter subject matter. And while I'm one of the many fans of Beyonce, sometimes we need be checked for our mania. Plus, look at these two- the visual of Kenan Thompson and Tracy Morgan is just too hilarious to pass up.

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SNL airs (you guessed) Saturday nights on NBC.

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