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This season of The Walking Dead has been a doozy. The first half of the season began with an absolutely horrifying premiere, seeing two series regulars killed off in the show's most brutal way yet. And while there was a similarly satisfying midseason finale, those episodes in the middle got a bit dull. Capsule episodes slowed down the pace of the apocalyptic drama, and viewership declined. But the cast and crew have been teasing a far more exciting back season, and an even better finale. While details for the season's plot is still on the down low, actor Ross Marquand has recently teased what to expect from Season 7's finale.

Ross Marquand has played Aaron on The Walking Dead since back in Season 5. He recently participated in the Walker Stalker Cruise, where he opened up with ComicBook.com regarding this season's finale. He said,

Oh, god, it was insane. That was the most ambitious episode I've ever been a part of. I think Greg [Nicotero] can tell you better but I think it was the most ambitious sets we've ever done in size and scope and what we were attacking that way. It was insane. Pretty cool.

Well, if that's not enough to keep you tuning in every Sunday that I'm not sure what is. The Walking Dead's finales are usually pretty heart wrenching, but apparently Season 7's will be even bigger and better than what we're used to. And that's saying something.

Given that we're halfway through Season 7, The Walking Dead's fandom (as well as the actors themselves) have seen pretty much everything. There was the all out war on The Prison complete with a tank, the breakout of Terminus, as well as the giant horde of walkers which got into Alexandria when the watchtower fell. It seems like The Walking Dead has attempted all types of ambitious episodes, so for Season 7's finale to somehow top it all is definitely exciting.

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But now the fandom has quite a few weeks to speculate and theorize as to what will go down in the finale. For me, I'm going to assume that the all out war between The Saviors and the other communities will ensue. This will likely include a ton of bullets, blood, and walkers. And considering how many moving puzzle pieces may be in play, it makes sense that the finale would be ambitious. There are just so many characters and plots to consider if The Sanctuary, The Kingdom, The Hilltop, Alexandria, and Oceanside all interact. And it's sure to be empowering after seeing the group so low during 7A.

The Walking Dead will return this evening on AMC, picking up exactly where the midseason finale ended. Our group has finally reunited, and it's time to get down to business.