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Spoilers below for certain elements of The Walking Dead's midseason premiere.

The first Walking Dead episode of 2017 brought the post-apocalyptic drama back to viewers in a big way, focusing on characters from not only the four biggest known communities, but also a wholly new area. And "Rock in the Road" actually set a new record for The Walking Dead in that it now has the biggest confirmed walker kill count of the entire series. By a crazy wide margin, too. I believe you know the sequence being referenced here.

Arguably the high point for the midseason premiere, the Walking Dead's mega-death scene came when Rick and Michonne hooked a steel wire up to the front of two cars and offered a walker horde a masterclass in weight loss, cutting hundreds in half as the cars sped along a crowded highway. The AMC story sync app for the episode in question stated Rick and MIchonne got well over 300 kills during the massacre, but there isn't even an exact number known by the people who created it.

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And as amazing as the scene was (and still is, upon replay), it wasn't even originally designed to play out like that in the original script. As you might have guessed, the killer car ride was crafted by executive producer and special effects mastermind Greg Nicotero, who served as the episode's director. Before things were revised, Rosita was just going to toss a couple of explosives into the oncoming herd to gain some temporary freedom, and while that would have been great, since explosions in the middle of walker packs would create some positively disgusting visuals.

This wasn't the first time that The Walking Dead used vehicles to do some damage to its giant walker population, either. Back in Season 5, during the episode "The Distance," you'll no doubt recall the previous winner for Most Walkers Taken Out In A Single Swoop, when Rick second-guesses new entry Aaron's advice on what highways have been mostly cleared of the dead, and they end up speeding through a flood of fender-denting zombies that were thankfully nowhere near as packed together as the ones on Sunday night. And that was only like, 50 or something, which is pretty much grade school compared to Rick and Michonne's work.

Because talking about the walker-halving scene so much basically requires at least one more rewatching, check it out below!

With a much more optimistic showing in the ratings this go around, The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET. Check out our list of the 7 funniest moments from the mid-year debut and then head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what else is coming to the small screen in the near future.