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AMC's The Walking Dead returned with a furious vengeance this week, and the midseason premiere pretty much definitively proved that the show's seventh season still has plenty of tricks up its sleeve. The episode was relatively bloodless for most of its run, but towards the end, something magical happened. Rick and Michonne teamed up to take down over three hundred walkers, and it now seems that the show has officially broken its own record for most walkers killed in a single episode.

The Walking Dead Rick and Michonne

As you can see from that AMC Story Sync photo, Rick and Michonne managed to kill at least 300 individual walkers during the events of the recent midseason premiere. If you have seen the episode, you will recall that the duo made a desperate attempt to collect as many of Negan's explosives as possible from a booby trap in the middle of a freeway as a horde of walkers barrelled down on them. When the walkers cornered Carl, Rosita, and the rest of their group in a nearby SUV, Richonne sprang into action and used two cars connected by wires to slice hundreds of undead ghouls literally in half at the waist/chest. It was unquestionably one of the coolest moments in the history of the series, and we can now definitively confirm that it was also the deadliest.

I honestly wonder how many more walkers they could've killed if they didn't have to rescue the rest of their group. After all, there was still an army of walkers waiting to be bisected when they pulled off the freeway to join the SUV and get back to Alexandria. Just look at that herd.

The Walking Dead Season 7

Of course, we should probably note the fact that it's almost impossible to know for sure exactly how many walkers died during this scene. In the universe of The Walking Dead, a walker can be torn completely in half and remain alive and deadly as long as its brain remains intact. Rick and Michonne may have killed at least 300 of the lethal zombies, but something tells me that they permanently immobilized more than that. No matter what, this event shatters the previously held record -- Genn killing walkers with a car in Season 5 -- by a relatively hefty margin.

Only time will tell if The Walking Dead can top the sheer scale of this massive walker slaughter, but first Rick and the rest of the survivors will have to focus their attention on the threat of Negan and The Saviors. The Walking Dead airs every Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.

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