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Vigilante Season 5 Arrow

As Arrow hits the final leg of Season 5, lots of secrets are coming out. This past week's episode finally revealed the identity of Prometheus to the audience, and while we're all glad to have that burning question answered, we're left with another big unanswered question. Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim knows you want to know who Vigilante is, and here's what he has to say about when we'll see that reveal:

We know the answer to that. You probably will not get the answer to that in season 5.

That's definitely disappointing, but not all that surprising. The Vigilante is not the main villain of this season, and since we've just found out who Prometheus is, you don't want to rush that story arc along just so you can tease the Vigilante for next season. I can't think of a time in Arrow where a villain or hero has remained mysterious for an entire season, so whoever it is must be a big reveal. Going back to the prior statement to EW, Marc Guggenheim's "probably," in the quote makes me wonder if a Season 5 reveal is completely out of the question. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if the end of Season 5 features a brief tease giving us a clue to who Vigilante could be.

The real surprise was that Adrian Chase turned out to be Prometheus. For fans of the Green Arrow comics, Vigilante has always been the district attorney in disguise. Adrian Chase's Vigilante was driven to revenge after his wife, son, and daughter were killed by a bomb planted by a crime family. We've definitely seen some similarities between Arrow's Vigilante and the comic's Vigilante, but without the Adrian Chase connection, it all seems like a moot point.

So with Adrian Chase out of the equation, we are left with Vigilante being someone who hates criminals, but at the same time is fine with murder. They're also a skilled fighter, good at shooting, and have some hacking skills. That final skill really throws a wrench in many likely suspects, so who could it be? I can't remember a time where Arrow has ever had me hung up on a mystery like this!

Let's hope that "probably," from Marc Guggenheim leads to some footage we can speculate on while we wait for Season 6. Let's also cross our fingers it's not Laurel in disguise or something crazy like that. Season 5 has been good to me so far, but I still haven't forgotten the past couple seasons quite yet. Arrow is a re-run this coming week but you'll be back in action with the team March 15th on The CW. Why not spend next Wednesday checking out something new? We have a great midseason premiere guide with plenty of options to browse!