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It was just a few months ago that we learned the seemingly long-forgotten How I Met Your Mother spinoff was finally getting back on track. The series was being put together by This is Us writers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berge, and considering the success of that NBC series, it seemed like it could be a slam dunk. Except, it's no longer happening, at least not for the upcoming 2017-2018 TV season. Why? Well apparently, This Is Us didn't want to lose the prolific writers, and locked them down in a multi-year deal. Surprise!

News broke today that both Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berge signed a new deal with NBC, which will bump them up to co-showrunners, alongside series creator Dan Fogelman. That's great news for fans of This is Us, as it means some of the show's biggest talent behind the scenes is 100% secured for next season. However, because Aptaker and Berge are sticking with This is Us that doesn't leave a lot of time to develop and pitch How I Met Your Father to the major networks. Therefore what is good news for fans of This is Us is bad news for fans of How I Met Your Mother, at least depending on how you felt about the spinoff.

How I met your father happening

It's a little surprising that NBC would make a move to sign on an additional two showrunners to This is Us. It's not uncommon for two people to be co-showrunners on a series, but per THR it seems like Dan Fogelman is likely to also be a key piece of the already renewed This is Us next TV season, and that may mean there will be too many cooks in the kitchen. Or maybe not. This is Us does, after all, have a lot of moving parts.

Following the end of How I Met Your Mother, there was talk that a spinoff How I Met Your Dad might happen. That talk led to a pilot being created that starred Greta Gerwig and featured Meg Ryan doing voice work. That project ended up not getting a major network pick-up, and for a long time it seemed like nothing would happen on the How I Met front.

If there is a silver lining, it's that How I Met Your Father wasn't that far into the development process. All we knew about it was that Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berge were starting from scratch rather than sticking with the premise of How I Met Your Dad. Because the project hadn't already gotten a network pick-up, there isn't much to mourn. Still, I'm a little sad How I Met Your Father won't be getting the chance to air next season. Plus, I'm not sure there will be as much interest for a spinoff down the line. While we wait to see what gets picked up next season, you can take a look at what has already been cancelled and renewed.

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