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With just a little over a month left on the countdown to Season 10 of Doctor Who and its April 15th premiere, more exciting info is being released in regards to Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat's final year. The BBC looks to be bringing back a classic Doctor Who villain - or some classic villains, as it were - that hasn't been seen for quite a while, at least in this form anyway. Season 10 will see the Doctor squaring off against a classic version of the Cybermen, who will again have a chance to try and "delete" the Time Lord.

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Doctor Who will bring back the Mondasian Cybermen, a form of Cybermen that hasn't been seen since the original series' run back in 1966. The classic villains first fought the original Doctor, William Hartnell, and are a longtime favorite villain of current Doctor, Peter Capaldi. As far as when we can expect their nefariousness, the BBC says the Mondasian Cybermen will be appearing in episode 11 and 12 of Season 10, which will be the final two episodes of the season. Check them out in all their low-budget glory in the photo below:

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Posted by Doctor Who on Monday, March 6, 2017

While they're of the no-frills variety, there is a canon reason for why the Mondasian Cybermen look different than their modern descendants. For starters, the Mondasian Cybermen hail from the planet Mondas, which is described in the lore as a planet similar to Earth, and the Mondasians were once human-like, but were forced to undergo cyber transformation after their planet drifted into the outer solar system. As you can see in the picture, the Mondasian Cybermen wear mylar skin and have human hands. This is because they are still part-human and have not fully developed the conversion process for becoming wholly cyber. Nothing nightmarish about that.

Classic Doctor Who explains the motives of the Cybermen and why they continue to invade areas to "delete," their foes by saying Cybermen are programmed for survival and will fight and convert enemies to strengthen their numbers; this, of course, betters their odds of continuing their way of life. I had previously assumed they were just a filler enemy that were knockoffs of the Dalek race, who would debut in Doctor Who in 1963, but now that I know their backstory, I'm really excited to see why the Doctor and the Mondasian Cybermen go head to head!

With the Mondasian Cybermen appearing in Doctor Who, you have to wonder if this means other classic Doctor Who villains will be appearing as well! While that could happen, the fact that they are Peter Capaldi's favorite villains could just be a way of saying goodbye to the departing Doctor as he exits the series. Each day, we get closer to our answer, as Doctor Who returns for Season 10 on Saturday, April 15th, with the American premiere of spin-off series Class to follow! Mark the date down Doctor Who fans and hop on over to our midseason premiere guide to find another new show you can love as much as this one!

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