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Usually, reality TV shows try to make sure all the drama is happening on screen for viewers to relish at every commercial break cliffhanger, but such a practice wasn't in place for NBC's The New Celebrity Apprentice, which aimed away from tabloid-friendly drama as much as possible. And so it all went down away from the cameras and on Twitter, where former host and current executive producer Donald Trump has repeatedly railed on new host Arnold Schwarzenegger for the show's ratings, among other more political topics. And here's why Schwarzenegger thinks Trump is so fixated on him.

I think he's in love with me. Yeah, I think so.

An answer that would be more at home on a Funny or Die sketch, Arnold Schwarzenegger's words came during a radio interview on The Michael Smerconish Program, obviously with Michael Smerconish, who also hosts his own CNN show. And while there was a layer of bemusement between the two at that moment, it only came after a sincere conversation about the actor's active post-Governor life, when Smerconish threw the Donald Trump question out in the last second. So that was pretty much Schwarzenegger's gut instinct answer, and it wasn't at all the one I expected to hear under those circumstances. But when is love ever truly expected?

arnold schwarzenegger celebrity apprentice poster horse

Hopefully there's someone out there who has taken a step back and is documenting and filming the Celebrity Apprentice debacle as its own separate series. Because this has all the right plot points to work as one. Two people who have been acquainted in the past, and have mildly similar occupational arcs, are forced to cross paths in some way. Sparks fly, and first they're angry sparks, but then secret emotional motivations are revealed. Someone plays a harp, and the credits roll. It would get better ratings than all seasons of all versions of The Apprentice.

That's not at all how things will end up playing out, of course, as one would expect President Donald Trump to have a completely different reaction to Arnold Schwarzenegger's claim than puppy-eyed adoration. Whenever Schwarzenegger announced he would not be back for an additional season of Celebrity Apprentice, Trump claimed that the actor was actually fired for the show's poor ratings, though those words were challenged by Schwarzenegger soon after. If all the back-and-forth dies down now that the NBC show isn't on anymore, then maybe that'll prove Trump was only thinking about TV for his Tweets. But if he keeps antagonizing Schwarzenegger...

It doesn't seem like there will be any former Kindergarten Cop stars present for anyone to tweet about if and when Celebrity Apprentice actually does return for a new season. And you can bet that anyone tapped to potentially take the gig will be thinking long and hard about what he or she wants from social media in the future. While waiting to see what happens, though, you can get to dah choppah, where our midseason premiere schedule will clue you in on everything hitting the small screen in the near future.

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