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Major spoilers below for anyone who isn't completely caught up with The Walking Dead.

It feels like it's been forever since The Walking Dead put Carol into the thick of the over-arching story, as she started branching away from Team Family after Morgan showed up and messed with her "Kill or Be Killed" sense of survival. Her choice to live a reclusive life has made sense for Carol's mental facilities, but audiences have been missing out. Thankfully, tonight's episode "Bury Me Here" took the final steps to bring her back into the main story, and she just might be ready for it.

carol the walking dead new house

Though Carol aims to live free from killing things, human or walker, she can't help but make connections with other survivors, and tonight's episode had another early moment between her and Benjamin, which was its own tiny bit of foreshadowing. Later on, of course, Benjamin is shot by that slimy Savior because of Richard's botched melon-hiding scheme, and it's at Carol's current abode where he bleeds out and dies. It's precisely what she's been avoiding, but instead of erupting on everyone for putting her in that predicament, she's more contemplative. Carol sees that Benjamin's death is also particularly hard on Morgan, who loses it for a bit, and it's further justification for her to be worried about Daryl's claim that no one was harmed in Alexandria.

Indeed, it's when Morgan shows up at Carol's near the episode's end when he comes clear - er, clean - about what Negan and his crew really did, that Carol makes the decision to re-enter society at large, while also trying to soothe Morgan's mania. The pair's earlier chat implied she might be having second thoughts about everything, and that further became obvious as she heard about the deaths of Glenn, Abraham and the rest. But rather than heading back to Alexandria to join Rick by her lonesome, she chooses to enter The Kingdom with a mission to convince Ezekiel that fighting Negan is the only way. And she's off to a pretty good start, too, since Ezekiel seems to understand this even without her using her feminine wiles. But something tells me His Majesty would still try to waffle his way out of it if she wasn't there to egg him on.

Separating herself from civilization's last remnants also took Carol away from being in people's circles of trust, and she seems to understand that not being there to witness her friends' deaths doesn't guarantee their survival. In fact, everyone is usually a lot safer when Carol is around and brandishing her badassery. At least as far as adults go, since Benjamin joins a lengthy list of younger characters whose fates were sealed as soon as they got friendly with Carol. We already know characters are going to keep dying, though, so for now we're just pumped that Carol is going to do more than just sit on the sidelines waiting to hear about stuff.

With hopefully more Carol coming in the next three episodes than we've seen all season, The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC. Check out all the awful things Carol has faced in the past and then head to our midseason premiere schedule to boost your moods with all the awesome TV yet to premiere in the coming weeks.

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