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Major spoilers below for The Walking Dead's latest episode, for anyone who isn't caught up.

It's almost hard to believe that The Walking Dead's protagonists have only been suffering the direct wrath of Negan for less than a full season, since Season 7 has been populated by about 35 episodes' worth of long faces and sour moods. I'm grateful we didn't actually have to endure a full 16-episode set before Team Family (or at least parts of it) attempted to regain the upper hand, and tonight's episode saw the vengeance-minded Sasha possibly making the ultimate sacrifice in bringing the fight directly to Negan. But she can't really be dead, right?

Of course, the initial plan for action was one being put together by both Sasha and Rosita, two of the more unlikely teammates in this universe, and it looked like that partnership might implode later in the ep. Sasha had on The Necklace from Abraham, whose life and death are a big motivation for her actions, and the consistently confrontative Rosita was on the verge of a mountainous snap attack for a while before eventually reining it in. At that point, The Walking Dead and actress Christian Serratos gave viewers arguably Rosita's best moments of the series, both emotionally and in the heat of walker-clobbering sequences.

Rather than present another shade of standoffishness, Rosita offered up stories about her past, and not any that we'd already heard about from her Abraham and Eugene days. We learned exactly where she got all the know-how that came in handy during the bomb-defusing operation a few episodes back, as well as several other survival techniques and life skills that make her an even more impressive asset than Sasha realized. And then they talked about Abraham, which had some enjoyably uncomfortable honesty happening. Even if fans thought there was an iota of malice within Sasha for Rosita after all that, it was washed away in Sasha's glazed-eye acceptance of Rosita claiming she was ready.

Instead of heading into Negan's compound with Rosita by her side - following Eugene's foolhardy choice to stick around - Sasha surprisingly blocked the way and advised Rosita to take off back to safety. (A bit that ended with its own interesting scenario.) And the now-lone gunwoman doesn't hint at hesitation before dashing inside of one of the Sanctuary's buildings, where an eruption of gunfire fills the air. You know somebody died up in that bitch, since Sasha's firearm game is back up to snuff, but she hopefully played it smart enough to last until next week without any major injuries.

Considering actress Sonequa Martin-Green is currently taking on the lead role in CBS All Access' Star Trek: Discovery, another big name genre project with the potential to last for years, her overall diagnosis on The Walking Dead is one that smells like death from all directions. But it's a matter of when and how, and if it'll go down like a certain comic book scenario did.

We will likely see Sasha kicking some more ass in next week's episode, as The Walking Dead usually likes to milk the darkness out of big character deaths. (And this wasn't anywhere near as ridiculous as Glenn's fake-out.) The last two episodes air over the next two Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET. Head to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer premiere guide to see what shows you'll be replacing the zombie drama with in the near future.

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