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Spoilers await anyone who hasn't yet watched the latest Walking Dead episode, titled "Something They Need."

When last week's episode of The Walking Dead came to its shadowy conclusion, Rosita was being surveilled by a mystery lurker, although the mystery had admittedly few solutions, given the crossbow involved. Just as we suspected, Dwight was the person looking to get her attention, and as tonight's conclusion showed us, the scarred-up Savior may have finally decided to turn over a new leaf when it comes to his post-apocalyptic allegiance. Or did he?

When Dwight appears in those final moments, narrowly avoiding a Daryl-sponsored beatdown, he appears willing to align his efforts with Team Family, though he isn't given much of a chance to prove how legitimate his newfound protagonism is. Rick has him on his knees and in point blank range, as is Rick's way, and it's worth noting that more often than not, people who get this treatment end up being on the level. Dwight has more than enough reason to want to rid the planet of Negan and his many underlings, from his face to his broken marriage to the constant belittling, and his assistance would be invaluable to the Alexandria and Hilltop residents who refuse to stay pacified.

dwight walking dead inside house

For one, Dwight knows Negan better than anyone within Rick's crew does, so he probably has an idea of what the big bad has planned. Assuming he will go the double-agent route that he did in the comics, rather than just outright joining Rick in full, Dwight also has access to everything inside the Sanctuary. (At least anything that would help the good guys.) And if next week's season finale does indeed feature the first big brawl of the All Out War storyline - and one has to believe it will be when Negan calls it a "BIG day" - then Dwight could definitely come in handy in the heat of the fight. Nothing like a little "friendly fire" to even the odds.

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Of course, Dwight's comic book turn would potentially be the perfect spot for Scott Gimple and the creative team to to pull another big switcheroo on both TV viewers and comic fans. Clearly, the dude wants Negan dead, but maybe Dwight is looking to see what kind of amenities he can get from Rick's side before making his final decision, since the luxuries of the Sanctuary could outweigh what Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom have going, as far as Dwight is concerned. I mean, he probably won't get burned in the face again, and he won't have another one of his marriages destroyed, so the worst is clearly behind him with Negan, right?

We know how badly Negan wants everyone to defect to his rule, and what better chance would Negan have in this impending war than having one of his trusted warriors as an inside man within Team Family? One assumes it would even be worth losing some of the more useless Saviors in order for Dwight to fool Rick into thinking he's a true follower now. That's the kind of math Negan loves.

I seriously doubt we'll see Dwight's bullet-ridden head when next week's episode starts, so hopefully the revolution can begin in full at that point. Sadly, that means it'll be The Walking Dead's finale, which airs Sunday, April 2, at 9:00 p.m. ET. There's much good TV to be watched when the AMC drama has ended Season 7's run, and you can find it all in our midseason premiere guide and our summer TV schedule.

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