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Michonne and Rick sharing their first kiss

Season 7 of AMC's The Walking Dead was a fairly divisive one. Mostly made up of capsule episodes focusing on a few characters at a time, the pacing for the apocalyptic drama came to a screeching halt following the horrifying premiere episode. And while this resulted in an decline in viewership, The Walking Dead might have made up for it with its fantastic finale episode. "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life" was 90 minutes of tigers, shootouts, and a major character death. But there was apparently another scene that was cut for time, and it sounds great.

The Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple recently spoke to EW about Season 7's finale. It was there that he revealed another scene that was cut from the finale, which was already an extended episode. He said,

There is a lovely scene with Rick and Carl with Michonne and I'm hoping I put it in the deleted scenes. I'm pretty sure I did. That sets up that moment a little bit between Rick and Negan. And I don't feel we needed to set it up. But it was a lovely scene that kind of did. It was strictly about time. This was already an hour and a half episode. This was sort of a long scene and it wasn't 100 percent necessary, but I really did like it and I believe it will be included as part of the deleted scenes.

Well this is interesting.

While the folks who run The Walking Dead likely made the right decision for time's sake, I do wish the deleted scene was included in the finale. Rick, Michonne, and Carl have formed a tight family unit throughout the past few seasons, but their dynamic as a group was noticeably lacking in Season 7. Michonne and Rick spent the first half of the season in a rut, as Rick originally refused to fight back against Negan and The Saviors. Plus, Carl was out on his own mission to assassinate the leader.

But while Rick and Michonne reconnected (and killed an entire highway's worth of walkers), Carl's relationship with his new mother figure wasn't present this season. Carl is one of the main reasons that Michonne began to let people in, and we saw her pure terror when his eye was injured in Season 6. But with the impending war against The Saviors, and Season 7's constant use of capsule episodes, there just wasn't enough time to shed a light on the Grimes family.

As Scott M. Gimple said, I hope that this deleted scene is eventually available with Season 7's home release. And while their finale scene was deleted, here's hoping that Season 8 will refocus on Rick, Michonne, and Carl's family unit once again

While we'll have to wait till the fall for The Walking Dead to return, Fear the Walking Dead will premiere its third season on June 4, 2017. Be sure to check out our full summer premiere list, and set your DVR accordingly.

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