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Despite the iconography of the catchphrase "it's not TV, it's HBO," we have to give the premium cable network quite a bit of credit for what it has been able to do on the small screen over the years. HBO is responsible for some of the best original series in recent memory, and one of its current all-stars is the Emmy-winning political satire, Veep. The show is about the return for its sixth season on the air, but how long could it realistically last? According to showrunner David Mandel: the folks behind the series have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Mandel explained:

I think the post-presidency has opened us up to so many storylines and places Selina can go in her continuing quest for relevancy. I'm not saying there's 10 more years of the show, but I think people will be excited that they now get to see what's next. There's some life there. We've got some ideas of how long this thing can actually go on, but at the same time, we're excited about this new world.

Veep showrunner David Mandel recently spoke to EW about where the show can go from here, and it seems that there definitely is a future for Veep. Although the show might not have another decade worth of stories left in the chamber, Mandel's comments make it abundantly clear that there doesn't seem to be any intention of slowing down anytime soon. As the show ventures into the post-presidential years, it opens up entirely new avenues for rich storytelling that were previously unavailable.

The beauty of this situation is that there's real life, historical precedent for some great presidential stories to take place even after a public official has left the highly-coveted office. David Mandel continued:

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Well, you know, we make a lot of jokes this season about her age, but in the grand scheme of things, she's got a lot of life left in her. And in some ways, the post-presidency is an incredibly rich area. If you look at history, post-presidencies have really changed who the presidents are. Even Nixon, in a way, found a certain amount of newfound respect in his later years --- at least on the foreign-policy side --- simply by lasting a long time but at the same time forcing himself into situations.

Veep deserves some serious credit for the things that it has been able to accomplish since beginning its run back in 2012. Aside from its numerous Emmy wins, the show has also definitely allowed Julia Louis-Dreyfus to break the dreaded Seinfeld curse -- which has (according to superstition) prevented the central cast of the iconic sitcom from going on to other successful roles. Even without her fan-favorite portrayal of Elaine Benes on the NBC series, Dreyfus would still have a place in Hollywood history for her role as Veep's Selina Meyer. With so many potential story ideas left on the table, Selina may one day become even more well-known and adored by fans than Elaine.

Veep has easily become one of the most highly-anticipated spring TV debuts of 2017. The sixth season of the beloved HBO series will premiere on April 16 at 10:30 p.m. EST.

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