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While fans of The Walking Dead will have to wait until the fall to see the "All Out War" against Negan and The Saviors, there is a silver lining. Because the spinoff Fear the Walking Dead will soon return to the small screen for Season 3, allowing for a nearly all year round zombie killfest for fans of both shows. And while Fear has gotten its fair amount of criticism for its lack of thrills in comparison to the OG, it looks like Season 3 might be a game changer. Because a new teaser was just released, and it shows the cast getting real violent. Check it out.

Call me crazy, but Fear the Walking Dead is looking almost unrecognizable to where it began with Season 1. Much like the original series, it looks like three seasons is about how long it takes for a group of people to become a badass in the zombie apocalypse. We made it! So let's break down what we're being shown in this teaser.

Once again we see the main cast spread out across various locations. The motley crew of survivors can't seem to stick together the way that Rick and his group have, which is extra surprising considering half of them are related. At the start, it looks like Travis, Alicia, and Madison are once again on their own, and interacting with a particularly dangerous group of survivors. Meanwhile, Nick and Luciana are also dealing with their own militarized threat, as seen in the cliffhanger final moments of Season 2. Plus, Strand is getting threatened to be dropped down some giant wall situation. It's not looking good.

So it should make sense that the group is going to become more violent and deadly in Season 3. They're up shits creek, so they need to pony up and kick some ass to gain the upperhand. In the above teaser, we see Madison getting pretty stab happy with both the living and dead, getting her even closer to become our female Rick Grimes. And with Travis now changing his mind about murder in the apocalypse, the Fear group seems thoroughly lacking in regards to a moral compass. Which is probably for the best.

Now we're going to get into SPOILER territory, because the teaser has a few particularly telling frames. One of the quick but awesome action sequences shows Nick and Madison battling some undead together, so it looks like the reunion between Nick and his family is finally coming in Season 3. These clown need to stick together if they're going to survive, and find where the hell Ofelia is.

Fear the Walking Dead will return for Season 3 on June 4th. Check out our full summer premiere list to you don't miss your next binge watch.

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